I was sixteen years old. Christmas had just passed and, as a gift to myself, was now heading up 77-N to the Q. One ticket. Primetime. Home, against the Celtics. I got to the arena early, grabbed a bite, and sat down to watch warm-ups. Fresh off the title, the Cavs still carried team-wide energy […]

John Dwyer locked into the rhythm during the Oh Sees performance on the NMF Main Stage, Friday, June 7th All Photos by Noah Tropf As the crowd buzzed with immense energy, quick chatter, excitement unbearable to contain; John Dwyer paces the stage. With a cigarette in his hand, soaking in the calm before the storm, […]

Although the number of female-owned companies has grown significantly in the last 30 years, many women in business are still facing challenges. Others feel empowered in today’s economy. Anna Huntsman shares the stories of two women who own small businesses in downtown Kent. While scrolling through Instagram in March, I found a post from the […]

  I’ve been into cars my whole life. It’s something that has been instilled into me at a young age. The origins of it, however, are unknown to me. Just like breathing, eating and anything else that comes natural to humans, cars have come natural to me. The same story applies to my father and […]

Ya’el Courtney has finally found her place after years of struggling. After taking a gap year for personal reasons, she got a full ride to attend Kent State. Although Kent state does not offer a neuroscience undergraduate program but does have a master’s program. “I was in foster care for a while, which puts me […]

Chances are you don’t remember your first flight. It’s insignificant. You’ve been on plenty of airplanes since that first trip in the sky. But for twenty-two-year-old Evan Gilmore, his first flight remains a vivid memory and strong beacon of his future. His journey from an orphanage overseas to a future commercial pilot is far from […]

Men are often left out of the conversation about sexual assault prevention and awareness. But at Kent State, they are at the forefront of the issue. On a cold and windy April afternoon, a small group gathered at Kent State’s Risman Plaza to support sexual assault awareness. It’s an annual event that encourages participants to […]

Since 1999, Kent State University’s rec. center has been one of the biggest attractions in the city, let alone the campus. Over the years, recreational services has transformed into something much more than a rec. center. There are only 14 campuses in Ohio with a rec. center. The closest one other than the one in […]

On the surface, Vince Masoni seems like a normal college student, a typical engineering major at Ohio State with a passion for sports on the side.  However, the last several years of his life show something far different. Over the course of seven years, Vince has won over $64,000 through sports betting and fantasy sports […]

Over the last month, the gun debate in our country has been intensifying. On March 24th , in Washington Dc, people of all ages took part in the March for Our Lives rally to demand stricter gun laws. And the debate is continuing back at Kent State. Over the last month, the gun debate in […]

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