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Since 1999, Kent State University’s rec. center has been one of the biggest attractions in the city, let alone the campus. Over the years, recreational services has transformed into something much more than a rec. center. There are only 14 campuses in Ohio with a rec. center. The closest one other than the one in […]

On the surface, Vince Masoni seems like a normal college student, a typical engineering major at Ohio State with a passion for sports on the side.  However, the last several years of his life show something far different. Over the course of seven years, Vince has won over $64,000 through sports betting and fantasy sports […]

Over the last month, the gun debate in our country has been intensifying. On March 24th , in Washington Dc, people of all ages took part in the March for Our Lives rally to demand stricter gun laws. And the debate is continuing back at Kent State. Over the last month, the gun debate in […]

An Ohio Army National Guard unit based in North Canton, Ohio is getting ready to deploy to the Middle East in February of 2019. This unit has already faced a few hardships while serving the United States overseas, but one day in 2012 changed their lives forever. “FOB Salerno from the rest of the country […]

A Kent State student organization recently hosted a dinner for more than 400 people. Students, organizations, and local businesses all pitched in to address food waste throughout the U.S. Feeding the 500 is a student group of sustainability enthusiasts who put together this dinner for anyone in the Kent community. At the event in the […]

Most of us interact with cars on a daily basis, relying on them to get us from point A to point B. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and prices. But for Kent State University student Ahmad al-hamed, there’s more to them than just transportation. I met up with Ahmad on campus. I […]

Fortune tellers have existed in legends and popular culture for centuries, like in songs of fortune queens in New Orleans or the TV show Long Island Medium. People across the world claim to actually have psychic abilities or even see spirits and ghosts. They’ve faced skeptics who claim that it’s all a hoax and a […]

Success in high school typically translates to a productive college experience. Still, young people make mistakes, though some are bigger than others. 22-year-old Tyler Rue has faced the ups and downs of a lifetime. Now, he’s focusing his future on music. Here’s more on his post-high-school journey. For Tyler Rue, it’s easy to recall his […]

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