Cleveland alt rockers Exotic Fruit Club dropped by Uptown Boys to play some songs and talk! Check out the audio and photos below!

No Cartridge’s Trevor Strunk joins us on the latest Spall Talk to discuss Smash Mouth, Owl City, the Flat Earth Sandwich, Kinka Usher Moments, Biblical symbolism, pee pee, doo doo, and the fact that 2013’s Upside Down, which is basically an abandoned YA novel about a romance between two worlds with opposing gravity, is a […]

  This week, we talk Mazzy Star, Johnny Cash and Jack White before diving deep on the letdown that is David Byrne’s American Utopia.

This week! Sound effects! Energy drink reviews! Best Actor brackets! George Romero! Exclamation points!

We had on Eli Kraus from the baseball team, talked NFL free agency, Cavs, Browns, Fake Patty’s and Kent spring sports. Edited by Daniel Sherman.

4’33” is a weekly podcast from Black Squirrel Radio showcasing performances of John Cage’s famous composition of the same name. This week’s 4’33” was performed at (and by) the Times Square, New York City on March 3rd, 2018.

A Discussion about confidence in The Daze w/ Local artist Kween Nelle ​

On this episode of Jacob and David’s Bracketiatry Bracketacular, Jacob David, and friend of the show Alex Wilcox, of ITF Radio, ponder our country’s only true important questions:  Which State is the best?  Do beaches beat mountains?  And How does the love shack fit into all of this?  The only way to find out the […]

This week Jacob, David, and ITFRadio’s Alex Wilcox discern their way to the most controversial finish yet in a quest to find… the which breakfast​ is the bestfast.

Black Squirrel Radio’s Greatest Misses is a biweekly podcast clearing out the BSR vault by showcasing podcast ideas that were pitched, approved, and recorded, but we decided weren’t right for a full series. In this episode, Eric presents The Sopraninos, a podcast inspired by The Sopranos, but with an… interesting twist.

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