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The Cellular Regeneration and Entertainment Chamber is an exploration of the Star Trek counterculture by two Deep Space Nine enthusiasts. Each installment, the cohosts, Bengt George and Brianna Foraker, will watch and review a different Star Trek film. The episode will summarize and then analyze the sci-fi movie from a leftist perspective with a guest […]

4’33” is a weekly podcast from Black Squirrel Radio showcasing performances of John Cage’s famous composition of the same name. This week’s 4’33” was performed at (and by) Akron-Canton Airport on March 23rd, 2018.

“On today’s show my guest is Mara Cash, President of the Kent State Feminists, and she is done with excuses. On the episode she talks about the challenges this generation faces in fighting for gender equality and getting boots on the ground—whatever they call themselves.” -Christina Godfrey

Nick and Alex go podcastin’ with Spring Break on the horizon, talking Joe Thomas, Browns draft, the NCAA Tournament, Cavs and the NBA landscape.

This week’s episode of Golden Talk features an interview with Kyle Conel, a Kent State wrestler on the rise.    

BSR’s Ryan Landolph sits down with TV2’s Sports Corner host and ESPN3 men’s basketball color commentator Tanner Castora to discuss his student media involvement, what it’s like to be on ESPN, his future goals and of course, the NCAA Tournament madness.

Cleveland alt rockers Exotic Fruit Club dropped by Uptown Boys to play some songs and talk! Check out the audio and photos below!

No Cartridge’s Trevor Strunk joins us on the latest Spall Talk to discuss Smash Mouth, Owl City, the Flat Earth Sandwich, Kinka Usher Moments, Biblical symbolism, pee pee, doo doo, and the fact that 2013’s Upside Down, which is basically an abandoned YA novel about a romance between two worlds with opposing gravity, is a […]

  This week, we talk Mazzy Star, Johnny Cash and Jack White before diving deep on the letdown that is David Byrne’s American Utopia.

This week! Sound effects! Energy drink reviews! Best Actor brackets! George Romero! Exclamation points!

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