Finding The Perfect Coffee Place For Students

Written by on March 28, 2021

Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are the top contenders for college students. When students need coffee, refresher, or tea they will take a trip to these locations. 


Junior Nutrition major Savannah Barr, talked about how she felt about Dunkin Donuts.


“I worked at Dunkin Donuts a couple of years ago,” Barr said. “They have good coffee products, better than Starbucks but I don’t like going anymore because I used to work there.” 


Dunkin Donuts sells more than just coffee, refreshers, and teas. They also sell sandwiches, bagels, wraps and donuts. Starbucks has the same variety of items on its menu as well. In comparison to Dunkin, Starbucks has more options of other products on their menu with many bakery items, sandwiches, oatmeal, and yogurt. 


Junior Early Childhood Education major Megan Anderson, goes to Starbucks more often than Dunkin for their food items.


“The variety of pastry choices is my favorite part about Starbucks, I love getting their coffee but I like to get banana bread from there as well,” Anderson said. “There aren’t many choices of pastries from Dunkin that I enjoy.”


When students are on campus studying for their classes, they like to have a coffee or refresher to boost their energy; Since Starbucks has many locations across campus, this makes Kent State students go to Starbucks more rather than Dunkin. The only Dunkin Donuts location close to campus is on Main Street close to downtown Kent. 


“Honestly if Dunkin Donuts was on campus, I would go there more for their coffee. Their coffee tastes way better than Starbucks.” Anderson said. 


The refreshers, a drink that gets you re-energized but made with a variety of fruits, at Starbucks are popular with students as well. Senior Psychology major, Gabrielle Quinten thinks otherwise about the refreshers at Starbucks.


“The refreshers at Starbucks are great, but if you want a fantastic refresher you have to get them from Dunkin,” Quinten said. “They have this amazing one called the strawberry dragonfruit. It’s better than the mango dragonfruit at Starbucks.”


Between the two places, the prices are shockingly different. Barr talked about how cheap coffee is at Dunkin compared to Starbucks.


“Getting an iced or hot coffee at Dunkin ranges from $1.50-$2.50 while at Starbucks you can get coffee from $2.95-$5.00,” Barr said. “The size portions aren’t different either, you’re paying less at Dunkin for a better coffee product.”


Anderson hopes to see Dunkin make their Kent appearance. “I hope soon Kent considers bringing Dunkin on campus to give students the variety of going to either Dunkin or Starbucks.”

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