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Written by on October 31, 2022

Now that it’s officially November, we are most definitely into the full swing of fall. Read our web staff’s favorite things to celebrate the changing of the seasons



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Rachel Liggett

Out of all the seasons, Fall happens to be my favorite. Not only do I enjoy the sweater weather, but I also love the vibes that accompany the season.

Although Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, I love doing Halloween activities. Carving pumpkins, watching horror movies, and going to haunted houses are all fun little things to do during the season. I also think dressing up and going to parties can be a lot of fun.

I also like the fact that Halloween is close to Thanksgiving and Christmas… if you’re a student who looks forward to breaks, that might benefit you. I personally feel like time moves very quickly after Halloween passes.

Personally, I am more of a Christmas person, so Halloween is the perfect time to start gearing up for the Christmas season by watching a film like The Nightmare Before Christmas. Only after Thanksgiving is when you can transition to watching movies like Christmas Vacation.


Chloe Ritzic

Credit: Szalay’s Farm & Market

Fall has fallen upon us fairly quickly this year which means it’s time for my annual trip to Szalay’s Farm & Market in Peninsula, Ohio. My cross country practices used to occur near Szalay’s so I am no stranger to their slushies, bread, and tiny pies, but nothing compares to visiting in the fall. On the weekend, treat yourself to their cider, corn, ice cream, hamburgers, and hot dogs as you enjoy live entertainment and an autumnal atmosphere. Race your friends and family through the corn maze, and if you don’t get lost, pick yourself up a pumpkin, decorated or naked, from the market. You can even take a quick walk on the Towpath Trail, which runs near and across the Cuyahoga River. Szalay’s makes for a perfect fall day, and I can’t wait to make my trip!





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Audrey Pierson

I don’t know about anyone else, but my favorite part about fall isn’t the pumpkin carving, dressing up for Halloween, or playing spooky tunes. For me, it’s all about the fall beverages. Yes, I know I could buy pumpkin spice syrup and drink it in the middle of summer. But there’s something about tasting fall when I look at the changing leaves with a warm cup of cider in my hands. It’s almost like the coziness that fall has to offer is reflected in what I’m drinking, and the cooler weather makes a warm drink just that much better That’s the other thing, there’s a variety of beverages that just make sense in the fall. Cider, chai, and the microbrews that people go crazy over just scream FALL. If you find yourself with a spare moment over these next few weeks, I highly encourage you to pick one of these drinks and just take in the beauty of the season.

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