Why Netflix’s “Let It Snow” May Be One of My Favorite Holiday Movies This Year

Written by on November 30, 2019

Title: Let It Snow

Rating: 5 out of 5

Hallmark Scale: 12/10

Where to Watch: Netflix

Runtime: 93 Minutes

Let’s talk about Netflix’s latest original Christmas movie, Let It Snow because MAN DO I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT IT.

This will not be a spoiler-free review, but I’ll let you know when we get there.

The quick view of the movie is you follow the stories of a group of high school seniors across the sleepy town of Laurel, Illinois on Christmas Eve. This movie is loosely based on the book by John Green, Maureen Joyce and Lauren Myracle, which I haven’t read but I’m making this deduction based on the plot summaries I read.

This movie has what I love in a good Christmas movie. A good soundtrack, actors I actually know for something other than daytime soap operas, and Joan Cusack covered head to toe in tinfoil with absolutely no explanation as to why. This movie is full of many cliches that make my little heart sing, regardless of how stupid and unrealistic they are. 

The entire cast has done amazing work in other notable shows and movies which makes this movie that much more enjoyable for me because I actually know who they are! I would just like to thank Netflix for utilizing Mitchell Hope in the way they did because I really liked him in Descendants and I wish he was in that more.

This movie was perfectly crafted for me. The cast had amazing chemistry with one another, which is something a lot of Hallmark movies can’t nail. An award must be given to the casting director because Tobin and Angie? I give them a rating of *chef’s kiss*.  They had my favorite storyline of the whole movie closely followed by Julie and Stuart.

Now that being said… let’s enter spoiler territory because I have many things I’d like to talk about. If you’re too lazy to watch the movie, I’m leaving you a detailed synopsis along with some of my thoughts so you can pretend you’ve watched this when your friends ask. Some of these thoughts are good and some of them (aka MOST of them) can be solved by my suspension of disbelief. 

Two years in trade school for movie making has ruined movies for me and I’m sorry.


source: Netflix

The movie, narrated by Tin Foil Woman (Joan Cusack), starts out with the line “You know, it doesn’t usually snow on Christmas Eve in Laurel, Illinois, but this year we’re lucky.”

Joan Cusack covered in tinfoil source: Netflix


In case anyone was wondering Laurel, Illinois is not a real place because I tried to figure out what kind of place in Illinois doesn’t usually have snow on Christmas. Or ever it seems because the road conditions are truly awful for like maybe an accumulation of 4 inches of snow? My midwestern gut is telling me it’s like 4 inches. Get some salt on the roads people!

For some reason, Keon’s (Jacob Batalon) parents are trying to travel on a plane on Christmas Eve in a snowstorm? Do these people know how expensive it is to fly literally anywhere on Christmas Eve? Also, who leaves their teenage son home alone on Christmas Eve? 

In fact, the lack of parents forcing their children to suck it up and spend time with their families on Christmas Eve is ASTOUNDING. If I were to even hint at going to a party on Christmas Eve while I was in high school that would have been a very hard and a very fast no from my mother. I’m turning 21 in two months and I’m still pretty sure the answer would be no.

This seemingly small town has a record store where we meet childhood friends Angie (Kiernan Shipka) and Tobin (Mitchell Hope). In the first two shots of these two, it’s pretty obvious that Tobin is completely in love with Angie. I’ve seen many many Hallmark movies so I know this look very well.

We then get introduced to pop star Stuart Bale (Shameik Moore) and his publicist Kira (D’Arcy Cardin). Listen I love D’Arcy Cardin, but to see her play anything other than Janet was very mind-boggling to me. 

Julie (Isabela Merced) is struggling to figure out if she should stay in town to take care of her sick mom or to go to Columbia in New York. She is also very annoyed by the idea of Stuart.

DJ KPow aka K-Star-Dollar Sign-Pop-Money-Crunch aka DJ K-Star-Pow-Money aka Keon, is throwing a party while his parents are out of town. He enlists the help of his friends Tobin and Angie to help him set up.

source: Netflix

After Angie leaves to get supplies for her and Tobin’s movie marathon day (again, I ask the question WHERE are these children’s parents?), Keon is trying to talk some sense into Tobin about professing his love. Party plans get canceled due to his parents’ unexpected return home because their flight got canceled.  

Across town BFFS Dorrie (Liv Hewson) and Addie (Odeya Rush) are trying to decipher what the squid and piano emoji because Addie’s boyfriend commented it on another girl’s Instagram photo.

Does anyone know what that means because of I sure as hell don’t.

Now here’s where the plot really kicks into gear. Julie and Stuart have a cute accidental meeting, where Julie returns Stuart’s phone. He thinks she’s paparazzi, she makes a snarky comment about not throwing herself at famous people and then immediately proceeds to fall into his arms. We love a good meet-cute.

Tobin is preparing to get ready to profess his love to Angie by shaving the hair by his nipple? All you need to know about this is that he cuts it and is a recurring bit throughout the movie. We add a bit of angst, by throwing in JP Lapierre (Matthew Noszka), who has a crush on Angie. Cue Tobin’s internal friendzone panic and he agrees to take Angie to see JP. We’re introduced to Carla, his comically old car.

Back on the train, the whole train has stopped due to snow on the tracks. Julie gets off along with Stuart who convinces her to join him at the Waffle Town to “grab a waffle”, where Keon, Dorrie, and Billy (Miles Robbins) all work. Billy really reminds me of Play’s With Squirrels from “Boy Meets World.” We get a glimpse into the “real Stuart” while he eats with Julie. Dorrie sees her old fling Kerry (Anna Akana) and they play this game of hot and cold throughout the movie.

Tobin and Angie arrive at the party, hosted by the Reston brothers (Jon and Jamie Campagne) who everyone thought went to jail.

After a friendly game of broomball, where Tobin gets his ass kicked and we see JP is actually a very nice guy. JP and Angie get their flirt on big time, which upsets Tobin. Tobin, JP, and Addie steal the Reston brother’s keg and go on a wild car chase. Carla starts to do what most old cars do in the winter and just stops working. JP, Tobin, and Angie end up at the church after Carla blows a tire and they get stuck in a ditch.


source: Netflix

Back at the Waffle Town, Julie helps Stuart escape a group of fans, and she lets it slip that she got into Columbia, something she’s never told anyone. Stuart then invites himself to tag along with Julie for the rest of her holiday plans. We find out that Julie’s dad isn’t in the picture, and Stuart explains how he and his dad don’t see eye to eye about his career. They have another really cute moment going sledding, and of course, they crash. Julie ends up in the street and Stuart saves her from being run over by the Reston brothers. 

Addie is stranded because there are no forms of public transportation running because of the snow. 

Seriously WHERE are their snowplows? How are these old ass cars driving on the road when it hasn’t been plowed or salted?


I mean really. They have no snow plows and THIS is considered a blizzard? source: Netflix



She hitches a ride with Tin Foil Lady to the Waffle Town and they start to form an unlikely friendship. Tin Foil Lady helps Addie realizes she’s being a huge bitch by accidentally throwing her phone out the window. TBH I didn’t really care all that much for Addie’s storyline. Anyways, Addie confronts her boyfriend, pours a milkshake on a girl and has a big fight with Dorrie. Dorrie calls Addie out for being a bad friend, as she deserves, and Addie ends back up in the tow truck with the Tin Foil Lady.

Let’s focus back on Tobin and Angie because I am a sucker for best friends to lovers trope. While waiting for the tow truck, JP makes a comment about how once Tobin gets to college he’ll be really good with the ladies. You can see Angie’s inner turmoil which leads us to believe Tobin’s pinning is not unrequited. The three hide out in the church, and Tobin plays “Whole of the Moon” on the organ, his and Angie’s song. Tobin and Angie have a moment until JP interrupts. Angie wants him to play another song but Tobin is upset so he leaves. He and Angie have a fight and Tobin sits in his car until the tow truck shows up. Tobin forgets his jacket back where Angie is so he steals a wise man costume from the Holiday play. Angie then leaves to go to another party with JP.

Stuart meets Julie’s mom, and they attend the church’s holiday play. The play features the traditions of many other cultures. I actually thought this was super cute and sweet.


source: Netflix


Stuart joins the family for dinner and meets Julie’s grandpa, who is like most grandpas, very ornery and off-putting. Stuart and Julie’s grandpa have a bonding moment over music, specifically Mick Jagger. They have a dance party, and Stuart convinces Julie to join in. This whole scene is really really cute. Stuart literally sweeps Julie off her feet and you can tell Julie is actually having fun.

Unfortunately, reality kicks back in and we realize how sick Julie’s mom actually is. Stuart and Julie have a heart to heart, with a small fight and resolution. They come so close to kissing but the plan is foiled by the doorbell. Kira, Stuart’s publicist is on the other side. After some comments about how Stuart’s job is to make girls fall in love with him, Kira leaves them to say goodbye. Stuart asks Julie to come with him, which is an offer she can’t take. They hug goodbye and with one last longing look that was the end of that storyline. Julie then tells her mom that she got into Columbia, which is followed by a heartwarming speech by her mom saying “When life offers you something special, you take it.” Julie then decides to go to the party at Waffle Town.

Tobin finally gets his car out of the ditch and now he’s on the way to the Waffle Town where the party is just starting to kick up. Addie wants her best friend back and brings Dorrie a gift that means something so deeply to the two of them. It’s a pig in case you were wondering. Addie apologizes and gives Dorrie a speech about how amazing she is, saying that if Dorrie and Beyonce we’re in a house fire and she could only save one of them? Well… 

source: Netflix

Tobin then arrives with the keg and the Reston brothers are there waiting for him. Tobin stands up for himself in a way only Tobin can, which impresses the brother and they all makeup and have a drink.

source: Netflix

Tobin is not feeling the party so he goes up to the roof still dressed as a wise man, and sipping on a beer and that’s where Angie finds him. Tobin finally tells Angie he’s in love with her, and Angie delivers a heartfelt speech about how she’s also in love with Tobin. They make out on the rooftop to that Waterboys song and I was feeling very giddy about it because FINALLY.

Dorrie also stands up for herself which is notable because of this one line right here.

source: Netflix

All of our characters have now convened at the party. Kerry explains to Dorrie that the reason they’ve been playing hot and cold all day is because she’s still in the closet. They share a really sweet kiss and this was my reaction the whole time.

source: Billy on the Street

Keon is finally DJ the party he always imagined. Addie and JP meet because Dorrie’s pig is running loose throughout the Waffle Town. Stuart’s song comes over the speaker and Julie makes a comment about how she actually likes the song now. You can probably guess what happens next, but Stuart comes back for Julie! They flirt for like two seconds before they kiss and I was sitting in bed pumping my fists because I love it when everyone gets together in the end.

We see some nice slo-mo shots of everyone having a good time, and Tin Foil Lady leaves us with the iconic line of “sometimes you just gotta let it snow”. And that’s it! That’s the movie! 

If you watch the movie let me know how my summary was! You can check out my full masterlist of Christmas movies HERE and leave me suggestions for other Christmas movies I should watch!

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