The Colonies Release New Single “Potomac”

Written by on November 1, 2019

The United States capital is home to many national treasures like the Smithsonian, the Washington Monument and the DC fave food spot &pizza. One hidden gem you may not know about, but will soon see rise in the scene is DC indie rock group The Colonies.

This trio of friends is comprised of Pete Stevens [vocals/guitar], Joey Mamlin [drums] and Jarrod Hendricks [lead guitar] who are all now alumni from The George Washington University.

The Colonies have shared an impressive three albums as well as their hit singles “Do Nothing With Me” and “Bound To Be Something Good” with the music world and have opened for artists many know and love like Judah & The Lion, St. Lucia, The Unlikely Candidates, Shaed, among other performers.

Now, the group is proud to share their brand new track “Potomac.”

This track is unique for a variety of reasons. Not only does it feature the indie vocals and lyrics reminiscent of ’90s garage rock, it puts it own spin on the story of love gone awry. (We’ve all been there, right?)

Each riff is dynamic and executed with such precision, they create stories of their own.

This moody, grunge-infused indie single is perfect for your fall playlist if you really want to get in your feels and reflect on the past year. Give it a listen and tell us what you think in the comments below!

Black Squirrel Radio got to chat with the guys about the new release, the future of the band and chicken sandwiches… because what else could ever be more important?

How did you guys all meet? 

Pete: I met Joey when during freshman orientation for The George Washington University back in 2015. We bonded over liking similar music like The Black Keys and decided to form a band before we even officially started school. I met Jarrod at first because our ex girlfriends were roommates.

Jarrod: I worked with Joey over summer 2018, so we got to know each other pretty well through that.  As Pete said, we met through our exes. It was our sophomore year and the band was getting pretty well-known throughout campus. I was a little jealous that he was in a band and I wasn’t. Come this past spring, Pete got accidentally added to a snapchat group I was in during a classic DC bottomless brunch, and I decided to take this opportunity to “audition” my guitar chops to the band lol.

Explain your process behind writing “Potomac.” Favorite part/most challenging part about writing it?

Pete: I had the rhythm guitar riff idea and presented it to the rest of the band and we wrote the song from there. It was challenging because we wanted to play it during our opening set for The Unlikely Candidates and had to finish the song before the show. I love the finished product because everyone added something unique to it.

Jarrod: I based the main riff from around trying to capture the feelings and the tone Pete was trying to convey in his lyrics.

A place you haven’t played yet, but would love to?

Pete: We haven’t played outside of DC but we’re playing in New York City for the first time in November which we are excited about! I guess we would mostly love to play more venues outside of DC!

Joey: Columbus, Ohio!

Jarrod:  I would definitely like to go back to venues the band has played before I joined, like the 9:30 Club in DC.

Coolest moment thus far in your music career?

Pete: Coolest moment was opening for Judah & The Lion at The Anthem. I have seen so many amazing concerts there (just say Tame Impala a few weeks before we were on that same stage). It was hands down the most people we have ever played for, probably a crowd of 2000.

Jarrod: I loved the Anthem gig. After hearing about so many talented acts performing there before us, standing on that same stage was unreal.

What’s your go-to snack before shows? 

Pete: Modelo, haha.

Joey: Chicken sandwiches.

Jarrod: Also a fan of Modelo.

Best part about playing in DC?

Pete: Best part about playing in DC is that a lot of our friends come to our shows and they’re very supportive of us.

Where do you see yourselves in a year?

Pete: In a year I hope we’re able to be able to pursue music full-time. We have been working day jobs after graduating GW and while that’s fine, this is definitely a dream of ours to be a full-time band.

Jarrod: Playing more places and to bigger crowds!

Favorite pastime when you’re not playing music?

Pete: I enjoy playing tennis a lot!

Joey: Watching sports!

Jarrod: Reading and working out, mostly running, swimming, biking, and lifting. I was a D1 swimmer before joining the band and I’m training to do a triathlon, so I’m kind of the jock of the band lol.

Any gross tour habits? 

Pete: Since we don’t really tour and play outside of DC I don’t have many tour habits although we probably get fried chicken sandwiches constantly on nights we play gigs.

Joey: Chicken sandwich consumption can get out of hand…

Jarrod: I’m with Joey on this one; chicken sandwiches are my one true weakness.

Tell me anything and everything else you want us to know about The Colonies!

Pete: We have a ton of music we are planning on releasing in 2020! Probably a full album 🙂

Jarrod: Our newer material is becoming more diverse sonically.  It’s not a departure from our old stuff, just a broadening of our horizons, if that makes sense.


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