John Mulaney Delivers Laughs To Cleveland

Written by on March 21, 2018

Actor, writer and most importantly stand-comedian John Mulaney finally graced the stage of Key Bank State Theatre at Playhouse Square Mar. 16 for two nearly sold-out shows of his Kid Gorgeous comedy tour. His show was originally scheduled for Jan. 12, but was rescheduled due to Cleveland’s naturally beautiful weather and Delta’s naturally beautiful service.

Mulaney is most well-known for his three stand-up specials and Broadway show “Oh Hello” on Netflix, short-lived television show Mulaney and his writing on Saturday Night Live for characters like Bill Hader’s Stefon. His sets primarily center on stories from his childhood and interactions throughout his joke-telling career. Overall, he offers a self-deprecating and hilarious twist on daily tasks and the awkward social interaction known as life. As he famously says, “Adult life is already so goddamn weird.”

For every comedian, one of the hardest parts of touring is picking out a comic to open up for you. This comedian has the power to warm the audience up, or make them a “tough crowd” to work with. Fortunately, Mulaney picked his perfect fit with Max Silvestri, a comedian and actor who’s appeared on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Broad City who’s humor is just as self-loathing as Mulaney’s. With a half hour to speak, Silvestro warmed up the crowd with a wild story detailing his wife’s shroom-induced weekend where she did half-naked yoga with her girlfriends. I would elaborate on that, but you’ll have to see Max Silvestri for yourself.

Max Silvestri – Opener

Mulaney brought down the house in both his 7 and 10 p.m. shows for over 90 minutes. By examining topics like childhood assemblies, college and growing older, he was able to relate to everyone in his audience for at least a few minutes and offer fresh perspectives on the stages of life. At 35 years old, Mulaney complained: “I’m not old, I’m just gross. I’m always damp.” Everyone howled at this simple remark and even offered an applause break.

Mulaney often tries to stay away from politics and the news claiming, “The last guy bored me.” Instead of explicitly attacking the Trump administration head-on, he made an eloquent metaphor about a horse being in a hospital and how that has never happened before. “And now the horse fired the horse catcher!” Mulaney screamed. He delivered his point without uttering the name Trump once, which deserves nothing but respect.

After questioning his whole experience as a young catholic boy, he concluded his show by impersonating a priest singing psalms with the flawless out of tune singing that only a catholic church can deliver. He received two standing ovations and concluded his Kid Gorgeous tour. The show has been taped and will appear on Netflix within the year. If you have the chance to see John Mulaney, I promise you, it’ll be as delightfully weird as adult life… or a horse in a hospital!


John Mulaney saying goodnight

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