BSR Show of the Week: The CounterCulture Experience

Written by on May 16, 2019

Every week of programming we will be highlighting the Black Squirrel Radio Show of the Week

This week’s show is The CounterCulture Experience



New BSR show The CounterCulture Experience is hosted by station staffer Christopher Ramos! He delivers a weekly jam fest full of all your favorite classic rock music and more!


Describe your show:
It is a cult that believes Keith Richards may have been granted immortality from Zeus.

How did you come up with your show concept:
I think that music in the sixties had no boundaries. It also built the foundation for many genres that would blossom in the following decade. The sixties were also turbulent times, so I wanted to combine stories about events that happened with the music. Make no mistake, though, I think that the “Flower Child” mantra is horse manure (to some extent.)

What do you do in your free time:
I like to analyze the artistic and cultural value embedded within Ed, Edd n Eddy.

Who are some of your favorite bands/artists:
Current:Oh Sees, Tyler, The Creator & Ariel Pink.
60s: The Doors, The Velvet Underground & Small Faces

What are some of your favorite movies:
Big fan of Goodfellas & Taxi Driver. However, A Clockwork Orange has to be my favorite (it has one hell of an intro.)

What was your favorite show moment:
When my good friend Shawn Iyer, a player and a scholar, showcased a brief DJ set.

What is your favorite thing about BSR:
The open mindedness that it has towards show ideas and the fact that everyone is down to earth. Nobody is up their own ass.

Favorite classic rockers:
Jimi Hendrix, Iggy Pop, & Marc Bolan

How did you get into older music:
My parents. Both of them still stayed true to their cultural music (my mother being Serbian and my father being Honduran), but they got hip to the music coming out of the U.S/UK. Eighties galore….

If you could have any guest on your show who would you want and why:
Frank Ocean. There is a certain mystique that surrounds him and his music.

If you could time travel anywhere where/when would you go and why:
New York City, late 70s. I’d want to see if Studio 54 actually lived up to the hype. I’d have to be teleported right into the club though, because there is no way in hell that I get in through the entrance. Besides, seeing that crowd of people, salivating from the mouth to get in, would depress the hell out of me.


Tune into The CounterCulture Experience on Black Squirrel Radio!

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