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Written by on June 18, 2019

All Photos by Jenn Noga

Coming off the success of her first album Bare Feet, country star Caroline Jones delivered a show-stopping set at LaurelLive 2019.

Jones, a singer/songwriter sat down with BSR after her set at LaurelLive. She talked about the evolution in country music over the past two years, “Any genre evolves and changes and shifts and there’s ebbs and flows in it. I always feel like as an artist you can’t rely on a commercial system or a collective of business people, you can’t wait for them to tell you when you’re commercially viable.”  

Caroline Jones

Jones isn’t waiting for anyone to call her commercially viable. She’s taking matters into her own hands. She’s in it for the long game. Jones builds her fanbase through the internet trying to be on the cutting edge.

“I would love to be able to headline arenas one day. To just have that many people singing back to you, who came to see you, like that would be my dream.”

Jones is the host of SiriusXM’s Coffehouse Art & Soul, where she interviews other artists on their songwriting process. For her, she says that the songwriting process for her is “super magical and unexplainable.”

“Being an artist is really about finding your style, your heart, your soul, expressing it, building and crafting it and being so uniquely confident in yourself in that, so you have something to give to the world.” Jones said.

Jones offered some great advice to creatives who may struggle with releasing their art into the world saying, “I wouldn’t focus so much on forcing yourself to put [something] out. Wait until you’re so excited you can’t not put it out, like no one can stop you.”

Caroline Jones

“People are waiting for someone to tell them that they’re good. You really have to focus inside on your music and your soul and what you’re about and be something different and authentic which is what you inherently are.”

You can catch Caroline on SiriusXM’s Art & Soul at 10 pm EST, the first Sunday of every month on Channel 14.

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