An Interview and Live Performance with Jon Worthy & The Bends

Written by on August 6, 2019


Slice and Jon Worthy perform in the BSR studio on July 31, 2019

After the last strums radiated throughout the studio, Jon Worthy & the Bends gave a graceful farewell following their studio appearance on July 31.

They encouraged listeners to give their music a chance and put forth their words of wisdom, which emphasized the importance of empathy in this life. In many ways, it was reflective of their Americana sound and style. In addition, it summed up several weeks of strenuous touring. Before their interview for BSR, they had played a show the night before in Columbus and made an appearance on a podcast in the morning. Oh yeah, they also had a gig to play at the Buzzbin in Canton right after our show.

Although touring can be physically taxing, guitarist and singer/songwriter Jon Worthy relishes meeting new people along the way. Coupled with rewarding encounters is the satisfaction of bringing their studio work to fresh ears when they perform live. It is the sweet end result of tiresome, creative endeavors.

Jon Worthy performs in the BSR studio on July 31, 2019

Something’s Gotta Give, the band’s third LP which was released on June 28th, couldn’t be more aptly titled. Aside from the personable lyrics of Worthy which entails his combat with aching burdens and uncertainties, the title takes on a whole new meaning when you observe the band’s relentless musical pursuit. No matter how turbulent things can get, they’ve settled on the philosophy of taking the good.

Interview: Jon Worthy, Slice (guitar/keys) and Austin Mcfall (bass) talk about their favorite cuts off of the newest album, recording in Studio 4115, and working with Lincoln Parish.

Live Set: Jon Worthy and Slice perform “Turn My World Around” and “Song YW” off of Something’s Gotta Give. 

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