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Written by on April 5, 2018

Looking for something new to binge on Netlfix? No worries! The BSR Web Staff has some recommendations on what the next show that keeps you away from your real world responsibilities should be.

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The Paradise
October 6, 2013
2 seasons
Christina Godfrey

Hello. My name is Christina, and I am addicted to BBC programming. From amazing shows like Broadchurch to Call the Midwife, none could best one of my favorites—The Paradise. The show centers on Denise, a simple shop girl who goes to work for her uncle’s rival in order for him to pay to keep his dressmaking business open. It is at the Paradise she flourishes, taking the reigns and making innovative changes to transform the shop into the early structure of a department store. There is jealousy, sexual intrigue, and social classes thrown into the mix to create a dynamic cast of characters you’ll be rooting for or staring at in disbelief of their evil. Unfortunately after two seasons, BBC cancelled the show in favor of reallocating their resources to Mr. Selfridge, another BBC period drama that was receiving higher ratings at the time.  (Big surprise; a show about a strong, female businesswoman was cancelled in favor of an adulterous businessman. Should we look at their paychecks next?) It may be heartbreaking the show doesn’t come to a proper conclusion, but it is certainly worth the binge-watch if you’re looking for some British drama.


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Girl Boss
April 21, 2017
1 season
Jessie Roos

I’ve been loving the Netflix original series Girl Boss. This show tells the real story of Sophia Amoruso, the creator of Nasty Gal, and online store. This tells a very loose version of that process. Episodes short and sweet, 30 minutes bite sized material that’s perfect to watch in between busy classes. Entertaining and funny this is the perfect stress release.  The story is inspiring with plenty of humor to break up the tension. If anybody is a fashion lover this show is perfect for you.


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The Crown
November 4, 2016
2 Seasons
Kellie Nock

What’s the most expensive show on Netflix? One of the superhero ones like Daredevil or Jessica Jones? Maybe the ones with big names like Orange is the New Black or House of Cards? Nope! The Crown is the most expensive show on Netflix, standing at a whopping $140 million for the first season–and it shows. Everything about the show is gorgeous, from the costumes to the sets. It follows Queen Elizabeth’s–yes, the one with the corgis–early years as England’s monarch. Not only is the show lovely to look at, it’s also tightly written, interweaving real life occurrences with fictional flair. Claire Foy, who plays Queen Elizabeth, is so good you forget that she’s acting, and Matt Smith, her counterpart playing Prince Phillip, captures the petulance of a spouse in the shadow well. The Crown is my top recommendation for anyone who likes period dramas, or the lavish-ness of the royal family. My favorite episode? The season two finale.


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Parks and Recreation
April 9, 2009
7 Seasons
Taylor Pierce

This show is super entertaining and features an all star cast that you’re sure to love by the end of season two. This Emmy-nominated comedy show follows the lives of employees at a rural Parks and Recreation department. It features quirky girl boss Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), businessman Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari), and many other stand out comedians and actors. The show is full of witty remarks, lovable characters and endless amounts of shenanigans. It’s sure to make you laugh and it’s impossible not to binge. This is probably my favorite show ever, and I highly recommend it to everyone.


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Black Mirror
December 4, 2011
4 Seasons
Maria Serra

Each episode is its own psychological thriller and futuristic horror movie rolled into one. The show explores the pitfalls of technology and how it can be used against humans with a different cast in each episode who are in different settings. If you’re a fan of the summer hit and Oscar winning screenplay Get Out, you’ll love season one’s second episode, which features Daniel Kaluuya trapped in a prison where he works. Ninety-four percent of google users highly rate this show and Netflix is in the making of season 5. Go spook yourself RIGHT NOW!

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October 13, 2017
1 Season
Maddie Camp

This drama follows FBI Agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they delve into the thrilling and terrifying minds of serial killers.  It takes place in the late 70’s, before the term “serial killer” was even coined. The subject matter is already fascinating and the actors portraying the killers do a chillingly good job.  The plot thickens as Holden becomes more and more obsessed with the inner workings of the criminals’ minds, with the line between friend and foe becoming blurred. As an added bonus, the dark content is offset by a killer soundtrack and a fun 70’s wardrobe.  I binged the first season within a few days and I am impatiently waiting the arrival of season two.

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