The Royal Wedding That Needs A Better Wedding Planner

Written by on December 4, 2019

Title: A Christmas Prince 2: The Royal Wedding

Rating: 2 out of 5

Where to Watch: Netflix

Runtime: 92 Minutes


Hello, I’m back again with part two of the Christmas Prince saga. If I’m being honest the sequel left much to be desired. The same sparkle of whatever magic came from the first one was just not there. 

The Royal Wedding is a hard watch compared to its predecessor. I really don’t have much to say about it review wise, I was THAT disinterested.

me trying to make it through this damn movie. source: Netflix

It did, however, have what all sequels nobody asked for have. We have a change in actor of a major character (Amber’s dad), and a plot that moves too fast and you feel like absolutely nothing has happened.

I’ve watched this movie twice and I’m still not sure I’ve gotten the whole story. That being said, let’s try to figure out this plot together.

If you need a refresher on what happened last time check out my review of A Christmas Prince here!


source: Netflix

We pick back up almost a year later. Amber has had massive success with her blog online and is in the midst of officially moving to Aldovia. When she arrives back at the castle she greets everyone as if she hasn’t been traveling to and from Aldovia for a whole ass year.

live footage of me finding out Amber hasn’t done ANY wedding planning. source: Netflix

Apparently Amber has not done a shred of wedding planning since being engaged because now we’re a week out from the actual royal wedding and they’re just starting it. The queen has hired the best royal wedding planner Sahil, who is very eccentric and demanding. 

While excited to be back, Amber can’t help but notice Richard has zero time for her. This frustrates Amber as well as the protocol for the royal family. Ms. Avrill is the new head of Press and Protocol and has now been updated from nice, throwaway character to antagonist.

Amber is struggling with adapting to royal living, while Richard struggles with the royal life. The country is losing money with no definitive cause. Amber asks if she can help, which Richard blows aside.

my eyes rolled SO FAR into my head jfc source: Netflix

The queen brings in a trusted family friend, Lord Leopold to help Richard regain confidence. Also, cousin Simon is back and groveling. As expected he was not welcomed back with open arms.

Insert more wedding planning where Amber isn’t getting her way because of protocol. Her father gives her a locket with her mother’s photo in it, which she can’t wear because it goes against protocol.

Meanwhile, Princess Emily is playing the lead in her school’s Christmas pageant, which I didn’t know she went to considering last time she had a revolving door of tutors. The play gets shut down due to the worker strike happening in the country. Seeing how upset Emily is, Amber secretly moves the play to the castle.

After some fun winter hijinks, like taking forever to pick out a tree and tobogganing, Emily gets her chance to shine in the school’s play. It goes off without a hitch and the after-party is hosted by the royals. Amber is capturing it all for her blog online.

amber, honey, my sweet summer child. your camera? source: Netflix

Amber’s blog posts have been deleted by Mrs. Avrill because of the image it projects.

Back at the castle, Richard is dealing with the strike. The people are unhappy and are sure to let the royals know. Lord Leopold tells Richard to be patient and that everything will work itself out. Amber’s concerns about the money continue to rise and she employs her friends to help her follow a lead.

me when Emily agreed to commit a crime source: Netflix

This leads to Amber getting photographed at a dive bar, where Simon rescues her. Simon is now apart of team sleuth, where they do digging into the information they got. They can’t access it without being found out, so Emily volunteers to hack into a government database.

Amber and Richard are summoned to Mrs. Avrill’s office about the paparazzi photos, where Amber reveals her investigation. Mrs. Avrill demands Amber shut down her blog. Looking for support Amber turns to Richard, where he gives none. Amber, upset, leaves the palace. Richard tries to follow but is stopped. This is the final wedge that has been pushed between them. There is now a manhunt for the queen-to-be.

Emily hacks into the database and they find the source of the money bleed. Emily confronts Richard with this information. He goes on the search for Amber. Richard finds Amber at his father’s old hunting cabin. He apologizes, and they make up in the cheesiest way possible.

With Amber back at the castle, she has her well-deserved outburst. They confront the source of the money bleed, Lord Leopold. He’s promptly arrested and thrown into the dungeon. The money that was stolen was given back to the Aldovians and he’s back in the good graces of the people.

Now, for the grand wedding. Amber in all her quirkiness is wearing sneakers with a fancy dress for the second movie in a row.

god I’m tired of this trope. source: Netflix

Amber and Richard say “I do”’ and then Amber is crowned queen. They have a big fancy reception where the constant spinning of the camera almost made me throw up. Amber and Richard sneak away from the party for a quiet moment. They share a sweet kiss and then roll credits.

This movie really was like pulling teeth. I’m hopeful that the third installment brings it back home.

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