BSR Staff Playlist: Music for Cool Kids to Fall Asleep To

Written by on March 19, 2018

In an effort for our listeners to get to know the staff at BSR (and to provide excellent music), we’re featuring a different BSR staffer made playlist every week.

Conor Battles, m.d., Article Coordinator and Sleep Specialist


In these fast-paced times, the ability to multitask is an extremely valuable skill. For example: what if you could get a full night’s sleep while also cultivating good taste in music?

To help make this seemingly impossible hypothetical a reality, I have spent countless hours in Black Squirrel Radio’s state-of-the-art laboratories devising a scientifically engineered playlist of songs that can serve as both a powerful sleep aid and a primer on how to like cooler bands than your friends.

This collection of tracks transcends restrictions of time, genre and mood to craft a medicinal assault on insomnia and poor taste. For best results, it is advised by the BSR medical counsel (myself) to shuffle this playlist and let its 2.516 hours of weapons-grade indie rock, dreampop, soul, hip-hop, folk, oldies, jazz and other assorted brick-a-brac put you into a deep, satisfying sleep. Do not be alarmed to find a bunch of band shirts you don’t remember owning the following morning; this is a natural side effect of this treatment.

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