BSR Interview: Northern National

Written by on June 25, 2019

All photos by Jenn Noga

The Texas native 4 piece Northern National took the South Stage by storm at this year’s LaurelLive. They released their second EP D.A.R.K. in June 2018. 

Northern National is made up of Micheal Rossi (vocal/guitar), Kanne (keys/percussion), Dylan Greene (bassist/vocals) and Anthony Comas (drummer/percussion). BSR got a chance to talk to them before their set.

Northern National has an amazing stage presence and would love to play stages like Red Rocks, Woodstock and maybe even a private show for the Queen of England. “I feel like the Queen of England would really like our stuff,” Anthony said.

The band premiered a new song called “Vultures” at their set and played their new release “Half-Hearted Love.” They drew a sizeable crowd and even got off the stage and danced with fans new and old.

“For every person that doesn’t like you, you’re going to have three or four people who do, or vice versa. You can have three people who don’t like you and one person who does and it makes up for the people that don’t.”

Their advice to creatives?

“You’re going to get a shit ton of no’s all the time. If you stop at the first no, we wouldn’t be a band and we wouldn’t be where we are.”

You can stream Northern National’s entire discography on Spotify and Apple Music


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