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Written by on October 23, 2021

I’ve tried to be vegan several times in my more recent life, and only this past summer have I succeeded. I’ve consumed a significant amount of vegan-related media, which means I’m filled with fun vegan facts and more importantly, so many beautiful recipes and YouTubers that I love to talk about. Not only did the amazing lifestyle of these YouTubers make me gaslight myself into being afraid of all animal products, but they helped me figure out how to feed myself. Through these YouTubers I’ve realized that while you can be a clean-eating, healthy vegan, you can also be an unhealthy, processed MoningStar and Dairy-Free Ben and Jerry’s type of vegan. Both are so loved and so appreciated, and it’s so worth giving veganism, or even just vegetarianism a try.

Halle Burns

Even though she’s more of a lifestyle vlogger than specifically a vegan YouTuber, you would probably recognize Halle Burns from her cool, calm, and collected Tik Tok recipe videos. They’re how she got her start as an influencer, but she has recently grown a YouTube following, where she posts aesthetically pleasing and beautiful videos. Whenever I feel like my life is falling apart, and not even just because I feel like eating as much McDonald’s meat as I can, I think about how perfect Halle Burns is, and I force those thoughts out of my head. Last year, she was an RA, and she has loads of videos about being vegan in college, especially if you live in a dorm. These helped me out incredibly, and she has transformed me into an oatmeal connoisseur. At first, being vegan or vegetarian is hard, but she makes it so easy and life look so good that you want to try her lifestyle out.


Emily Ewing

Emily perfectly demonstrates that you don’t have to be a plant-based vegan to be vegan. She tries out vegan fast food, she makes vegan meals inspired by things like Avatar and Animal Crossing, she does real, lazy, eating videos, and most importantly, she shops at Aldi. Her videos are comfortable and relatable, and she shows that veganism can be cost effective, besides the occasional expensive non-dairy cheese. Like Halle Burns, she’s also a vlogger rather than an entire recipe-based influencer, and also like Halle Burns, she makes being vegan look so easy and fun.


Personally classified as a “vegan news media & plant-based education platform,” this Youtube channel feels like vegan propaganda before you realize how credible the information is. When I first started trying to be vegan, not only did I watch Kip Andersen’s documentaries, but I watched this channel’s yearly recap videos. They’re supported by facts, sound reasoning, speeches from reliable figures, and inspiring messages. The channel itself also has videos that are interviews with doctors and previous employees of animal-based industries, videos that analyze different foods specifically, and videos that offer other, helpful tips. If you’re curious about the benefits of going vegan or vegetarian, how veganism impacts the environment, and how veganism can impact your body, I would highly recommend looking at this channel. Like I said, it feels like propaganda because the information is scary, but this information only makes veganism look more appealing.


Yeung Man Cooking

This is a recipe-based, Asian-inspired cooking channel run by a very nice man that makes appetizing food. His recipes are easy, healthy, and he shoots and edits his videos in a satisfying way. He also makes being vegan look easy, and he offers other organization tips and how to homemake the staples. His videos are perfect if you love Asian food, want to be healthy, and want to be vegan without feeling like you’re actually being vegan. Most importantly, he includes detailed recipe lists and directions in his description boxes that make it so you don’t even have to watch the video.


Rainbow Plant Life

Also recipe-based, this channel is a good mix between healthy plant-based meals, and recreations of beloved non-vegan ones. She offers general tips and how to be vegan on a budget, and she provides links to all of her recipes. Her videos are easy to follow, and her online presence is soothing and confident. Her desserts are especially delectable, and I think she appeals to a variety of audiences, older and younger, and she gives big mom energy, which makes you trust every word she says.


So whether you’re currently vegan or vegetarian, curious about either, or just want some new recipes and information, I highly recommend all of these YouTubers. They’re informative, inspiring, relatable, and unique, and give dairy and meat free lifestyles a good, appealing image. If you have some free time, please, please, please give them a look!

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