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Written by on June 16, 2018

Talented musicians such The Weeknd, Drake and Justin Bieber have poured out of Canada and completely changed the music game in their respective genres. Otherwise known as the “bad boys from heaven”, Toronto band Cherry Pools is making great strides to enhance the world of indie-pop.

Lead singer Martin Broda along with his friends Matt Krumins [Guitar] , Talyn Prior [Bass] and Sean Medeiros [Drums] formed in summer 2017 after having met online which brought out a “cool dynamic” in the band, according to Broda. While the group immediately clicked, they noticed that Toronto did not allow for the growth of the indie scene, which motivated their big move to Los Angeles.

“There’s a great hub for music in our genre in L.A.,” Broda said.

Within one year, Cherry Pools has produced phenomenal singles with over 100,000 streams such as “Forever Young” and “Hollywood” detailing the plight of young adults with a fun indie edge. Martin draws most of his influence from the 80’s pop on which he was raised including Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Phil Collins.

Most recently, the guys released brand new single “All The Way” along with a beach-themed music video for the perfect summer bop. The song perfectly blends dance beats with nostalgic lyrics to form an electric hit that will make you want to dance nonstop.

Broda hopes the song encourages fans to escape daily routine even if it is just for a moment. “Live life on a whim,” he said.

Cherry Pools rose to fame when they toured with alternative band PVRIS and they are continuing their move upwards on their current tour with I Don’t Know How But They Found Me. Though their band name is long, their lines out of venue doors are longer. Martin is most excited to play with this “unique band and reach a new demographic.”

Both Cherry Pools and IDKHBTFM declared their stop at Cleveland’s Grog Shop as their best show on the tour and stayed outside to meet fans all night. With tour drawing to a close on June 18, the “bad boys” have some surprises for their fans new and old including new tour dates, music and music videos.

Above all, Martin asks of everyone, “Come to the shows and have a good time.” A big summer lies ahead for the guys and for they are beyond thrilled to give listeners new tunes. For those who need a little extra incentive to see Cherry Pools, let it be known that Martin prefers to perform shirtless.

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