Five Reasons Trading For Odell Beckham Is The Right Move For Browns

Written by on March 12, 2019

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I was in a BSR staff meeting tonight when I got the news that John Dorsey has finally pulled the trigger.

After days of rumors and speculation, the Browns have landed star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr from the Giants.

Originally, I did not want the Browns to get Beckham. I thought with Kareem Hunt already in the locker room and with Beckham’s known antics on and off the field, It would be too much for rookie head coach Freddie Kitchens to handle. However, on my way home from the meeting, I was thinking about it, and after I made a few calls, I have flipped my take completely. I love the move by the Browns for five reasons(not in order).

  1. The trade itself: It was originally reported the Browns would give up Emmanuel Ogbah, a 2019 first-round-pick and a 2020 2nd-round-pick for Beckham, and I thought that was too much for a wide receiver. The Browns only ended up giving up Jabrill Peppers, a 2019 first and a 2019 3rd, and that is good value.
  2. Having a No. 1 WR: Before this trade, the Browns only go-to threat on offense was wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Landry, tight end David Njoku and fellow wideout Antonio Callaway will all be beneficiaries of Beckham because Beckham will dry a double team, leaving the rest of the pass catchers one-on-one, something the Browns desperately needed to get this offseason.
  3. The locker-room problem will probably not be a problem: With Beckham and Landry being teammates at LSU, my hope is they will motivate each other, and that everybody will be able to get along.
  4. Dorsey rolling the dice: Ever since he become General Manager last year, Dorsey has transformed the Browns roster mostly by taking chances on players in free agency and the draft. Many NFL analysis argued last year that the Browns were a couple plays away from the postseason, and Beckham, even though he may be another dice roll by Dorsey, may be the guy that puts the Browns over the top.
  5. Browns are in win-now mode: With Beckham now in the brown and orange, the Browns are clearly the best team in the AFC North. Before the Beckham trade, I thought the Browns could compete for a wild-card spot, but now I believe the Browns season should be considered a failure if they are not hosting a playoff game in Cleveland for the first time since 1995.

Now, we are in wait and see mode to see what Dorsey does next but so far, this week has produced fireworks out of Cleveland with the Browns trading for Olivier Vernon, signing Sheldon Richardson and getting Beckham to The Land.

Get your popcorn ready Cleveland! The Browns have become the talk of the town again!

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