Diamond Kites Release New EP Working Life

Written by on May 21, 2020

Coming fresh off of 2019 full of singles, most notably “The Way You Say It” (my personal fave),
Akron, OH band, Diamond Kites, continues 2020 with their newest EP “Working Life.” A name
that comes with a little irony, as many find themselves without a job due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Diamond Kites, originally called Jeff Klemm and the Letters, has transformed into so much more or
as the band calls it, “Melodic, radio-ready rock.” Even before the pandemic Diamond Kites had recorded all three songs slated for the release. The EP was only mixed and finished during the

Guess I’m alive, or am I asleep in life’s waiting room?

The EP kicks off with the title song “Working Life,” and shows the band more front and center
than ever before. A melodic synth pattern opens as the song builds into big guitars, dirty bass,
and a bold kick and snare pattern. Textures of guitar fills the song as a chorus sings, “Guess I’m
alive, or am I asleep in life’s waiting room?” The chorus is a nice touch, especially when dealing
with the idea of working your life away at a job you don’t like.

Working Life, a brand new EP released during the COVID-19 pandemic by Diamond Kites

It’s a universal idea, but some do it anyway and it’s something everyone can relate to for the most part. The tone of the vocals throughout is very wistful and really fits the mood of the lyrics. The melodic synth continues throughout the song, underlying the chords. That is until suddenly everything drops out, giving you time to breathe. Just as quickly, everything comes back in making for a big ending.

It seems like these quick changes represent the fast moving world around us

The next track is the heavy, off beat driven “Fast Forward.” The song begins with a heavy synth
sequencer and quickly goes into a slinky groove feel. “Fast Forward” changes feels quickly and
it makes you aware of this change immediately.

To me it seems like these quick changes represent the fast moving world around us, a world that sometimes seems impossible to grab onto. Off beat patterns represent the chorus with a big kick and snare. Jangle-like guitar continues into the verse with the bass becoming noticeably more melodic towards the end. Did I mention this song ends BIG! The groove of “Fast Forward” is definitely something to be remembered with this one.

Lastly, we are brought to the finale of the EP, “Without You.” If you recognize this one it’s
probably because a version of “Without You” was initially released on main singer/songwriter
Jeff Klemm’s 2015 solo album “Burying The Shadows.”

The prelude-like beginning goes into a tom heavy and very rhythmic verse. Synths drape the nooks and crannies of this song throughout and heading into the chorus the off beat drums start up again. “Without You” is commanding to say the least and the lyrics give me the feeling of wanting. The feeling of wanting turns into a wistfulness as Klemm hits those high notes. As the song ends, the notes of synths and guitars trail off.

A relatable piece of music especially during this pandemic

An Akron, OH band that produces “Melodic, radio-ready pop-rock.”

Three tunes I can relate to personally, especially during this pandemic. Diamond Kite’s “Working
Life” EP will be out on all streaming platforms Friday, May 22nd with a special live stream
release show Saturday, May 23rd at 8pm EST on the Diamond Kite’s Facebook page sponsored
by Central 8 Studios and Akron’s Musica.

The band is made up of Jeff Klemm (singer/songwriter), Mario Tonathy (bass), Mike Karl (drums), and Nathan Doutt (guitar/producer/engineer). Mixing and mastering was done by the aforementioned Nathan Doutt at Central 8 Studios in Akron, OH. Album artwork created by local artist Jillian Baughman.

Support Diamond Kites by Pre-Ordering the EP (pay what you want) and/or purchasing a T-Shirt
at diamondkites.Bandcamp.com PayPal donations to the band can be sent directly
to [email protected].

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