Ariana Grande Releases New Single ‘No Tears Left to Cry’

Written by on April 20, 2018

The queen herself is back, people. Ariana Grande released her first single in two years today, “No Tears Left to Cry.” This is Ariana’s first single release since her 2016 Dangerous Woman album. This release also marks the first new music from Ariana since her Dangerous Woman Tour was put on a halt due to a terrorist attack at her show in Manchester, England during the summer of 2017.

Many fans are speculating that this new single is based off the events of the attack, and is Ariana’s comeback from the trauma she endured. The single is full of positive vibes as it makes listeners very clear that Ariana has “ran out of tears” and she’s in “a state of mind she wants to be in like all the time.” This new single is exciting and a weightless pop anthem her fans have been waiting for.

The song is full of captivating beats, meaningful lyrics and makes you feel downright sassy. I can’t tell if I should be dancing to it, or be sad for everything Ariana went through last year. The single reminds me of the leading track ‘Dangerous Woman’ off the singer’s last album, as it has a similar feminine and powerful theme to it. I am definitely a fan and can’t wait to see what other bangers Ariana has on this upcoming album. I am hoping for some more ballads that showcase her insane vocals, similar to her 2013 release “Tattooed Heart.”Ariana also released a seriously confusing but intricate video to accompany the single that involves the singer flipped upside down and hanging off ledges as she belts out some seriously sexy vocals, all while looking fantastic. I highly recommend watching it, probably more than once.

If you haven’t heard this beautiful masterpiece yet, check it out now. Seriously, do it.

You can also check out the single on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music.

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