Tiger Woods is back on top of the golf World

Written by on April 17, 2019

Photo Credit: Bleacher Report

Sunday at Augusta National Golf Club at round four of the 2019 Masters tournament, Tiger Woods has a chance of winning the Masters for the first time in 14 years and his first major tournament in nearly 11 years. He is wearing his red Nike turtleneck, which he is known for wearing on the final round of a tournament. Woods is tied for 2nd with Francesco Molinari in the lead going into the final round.

On the first nine holes, Tiger shot one under par, but Molinari was still in the lead. Tiger bogeyed hole 10, and on 11 he was trapped in between the trees. There is an opening to the green but he has to hit the ball nice and straight to go to the green. He ended up doing that and ended up with par.

 On hole 12, Molinari ended up hitting the ball into the water on his drive, putting him a stroke back. All that Tiger needed to do was just keep the ball safe. His drive landed on the green far from the pin, but he would par that and be tied for the lead.

As we go to hole 15, Molinari hit the ball in the water again as Tiger would go on to birdie that hole and take the lead. On 16, which is a hole that Tiger made famous for back in 2005, he goes on to give us a moment that we would all remember by almost having a hole and one. Woods would go to birdie that hole and par the next as he would go onto the 18th hole with the lead.

He would hit the ball on the green on his third shot but would go on to miss his putt for par. All that he needed to do was just hit his next putt for boggy, and he would go on to win. Tiger made that putt, and the crowd at Augusta went crazy for him.

The best moment from him winning the Masters was Tiger hugging his son, and that brought emotion to everyone who saw that.

Tiger Woods winning the Masters might have been the best thing for golf in its history. When he was going through his divorce and surgeries, not to many people were paying attention to golf. Now with him back, people will now have an interest in watching Tiger Woods along with the rest of the PGA tour, and some people might be playing a lot more golf this summer.

On the golf course this summer, you will see people with all of this Tiger Woods swag that has not been seen in 10 years. Then, when you play these people, they will barely drive the ball 100 yards. It will be the worst short game you ever saw, and they will end up scoring 120 on an 18 hole course, but this is the impact Tiger Woods has on the game of golf. He gets people to start watching it and have them go out on the course.

The next major golf tournament is not till the PGA Championship on May 16-20 at Pebble Beach Golf Links in California in which Tiger Woods is playing in.

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