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Written by on November 17, 2019

The crisp weather and fading daylight did not dissuade fans from flocking to see the band COIN in Louisville on the last night of their headlining tour. The indie-pop band is a unique sight to see live; formed in Nashville, a city synonymous with country, COIN delivers fresh pop-laden beats and high energy tunes. Time Magazine positions the band’s sound somewhere between rock group Vampire Weekend and emotional pop band The 1975. 

The cozy room is awash in swirling rainbow lights as sweaty concert-goers stand together like sardines, all restlessly reaching toward the stage yearning for even just a split second of contact with the band. The crowd buzzes, feeding off the energy of lead singer Chase Lawrence as he jumps around, head-banging and passionately crooning the words. 

COIN is a band unlike any other. Their passion not only for the music but for their fans is captivating, enthralling even. Need proof? Just watch any video of Chase performing live: the intensity of his keyboard slamming and dancing antics make seeing them a privilege. And I never thought I would see fans so passionate that they opened the pit for a pop song. Yes, that’s right. COIN fans started a mosh pit not once, not twice, but three times during the show. That kind of enthusiasm for an artist is so refreshing to see.

They are consistent as well. Each and every show COIN gives their all with perfect performances, but they still manage to make each time you see them feel special and unique. Drummer Ryan Winnen’s proud parents were present in the balcony to watch their son play, and the pure joy that radiated off their faces was enough to light up the whole room (when the thrilling strobe lights were off between songs).

As the night comes to an end as Lawrence dives into the crowd, finally giving the fans what they crave so dearly. 

COIN’s newest album Dreamland comes out January 24, 2020, and you can listen to their newest song “Let It All Out” now.

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