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On this episode, we have Andrew Ihla, creator of Obsidian National Forest, on the pod to attempt to discuss 2015’s The Enfield Haunting, but we end up discussing American Horror Story, what cartoon characters Jordan Peterson looks like, Morrisey being racist again, why the Danish love Young Americans, what it would be like if a house was […]

His yodels echoed from the aisles of walmart, to the hearts of the world. Mason Ramsey is an 11-year-old yodeler from Illinois, who has claimed he’s performed in Walmart at least 50,000 times. However, this one time got recognition from more than just a few Walmart shoppers. After weeks of countless memes, videos, and viral […]

4’33” is a weekly podcast from Black Squirrel Radio showcasing performances of John Cage’s famous composition of the same name. This week’s 4’33” was performed at (and by) the Circle K in Kent on April 10rd, 2018.

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