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Written by on March 13, 2020

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Recently, I was looking for a different kind of article to write. I did not want to write an article about sports. I did not want to write about the NFL, NBA, MLB or WWE. No, I just wanted to write something different.

So, I looked at a spreadsheet that my wonderful Web Staff Coordinator Jenn Noga (host of Bar Buddies every Friday from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. right here on made for our writers. The spreadsheet contains ideas for articles when our writers are stuck on what to write. One of the ideas on the spreadsheet was to write about your favorite youtuber, and that got me thinking: Who is my favorite youtuber?

If you think you know me (shoutout to my favorite wrestler of all time, the RATED R SUPERSTARRRRRRR Edge for the greatest opening to an entrance theme song ever, DON’T @ ME!), then you know I watch A LOT of Youtube! I’m talking between 1-3 hours DAILY. I watch everything; from clips of Undisputed and The Herd; to music videos; to gaming videos; to old episodes of Yes, Dear (which is one of the best shows of all time!). 

But with all the Youtube that I sit and indulge myself in, what do I like the most? I sat and pondered the question for a few hours, and I came up with my Top 3.

No. 3 favorite youtuber- Jiedel

Jiedel is a member of the Youtube group 2Hype alongside his younger brother Jesser, CashNasty, Kristopher London, Mopi, and ZachTTG. The group started out as an NBA2K group, hence the name 2Hype, but they have slowly evolved over time. While the group still loves basketball and still does NBA2K content, most of the group videos are IRL content.

While I like every single member of 2Hype, I love Jiedel.

I feel like Jiedel is the member of 2Hype that is the most underrated among the fan base. He may be a try-hard, and he may love big men, but he keeps it real. He has his opinions, and he’s not afraid to share them. He’s not afraid to go outside the box and try new things. He doesn’t care about his subscriber count. As the younger brother of Jesser, you would think he would be a tad jealous that his younger sibling has almost four times more the subscribers than he does. Not Jiedel!

Jiedel knows his role, and all of his videos are authentic, and you can tell Jiedel cares about the content he creates, and he makes sure his subscribers know that he cares about them. That’s a great youtuber in my book!


No. 2 favorite youtuber- EDP445

Ah, it’s our good friend Bryant Moreland, better known as EDP445, the crazy Philadelphia Eagles fan whose full name I can not write on this website, so I’ll let you look at it yourself! As we all know, EDP makes interesting videos about interesting topics to say the least. His comment section is by far the funniest on the internet, let alone Youtube, and that’s why he’s in my Top 2. No, not because of his Eagles takes (even though he makes losing fun), but because you never know what you’re gonna get on a daily basis from that man!


No. 1 favorite youtuber- YoBoy Pizza 

In 2017, I was searching Youtube, trying to find some fresh Madden NFL 17 content, and I stumbled upon a video titled “The Tiny Football League”. I was curious, so I checked it out, and the Youtuber talking had me hooked the whole time. His energy and his passion for the tiny football league was palpable. The excitement he brought to the video was like no other. His real name is Tommy Foster, but he is better known as YoBoy Pizza. 

The thing I like about YoBoy is similar to EDP and Jiedel, he is not afraid to try new ideas and push the envelope, but YoBoy does it in a different way. He tries challenges, both in video games and in IRL form that NOBODY has ever done. For example, who would think of catching a touchdown pass after throwing the football off the crossbar of the field goal post?! Not anybody I would know of, except YoBoy Pizza. 

YoBoy Pizza is also the only Madden youtuber that I have seen that legitimately knows he’s bad at the game and doesn’t care at all. Pizza doesn’t cut corners. If he loses the game, he loses. If he gets destroyed, he gets destroyed. If he dominates, he dominates. Get the theme? No matter the outcome, every Pizza video is entertaining, and he just doesn’t upload wins.

His series’ are original. Whether it’s packed out, pack a punch, kick return chaos or even the stuff he’s doing now with his friends with SquadZilla, Pizza always finds a way to make me laugh in every video, and I never miss an upload. I can’t say that with EDP and Jiedel.

That’s why I call YoBoy Pizza the GOAT of Youtube. Not because he’s the best madden player, but because he is the most entertaining youtuber out there in 2020 in my estimation.

Never change Pizza. You may sometimes deserve the nickname YoBoy Garbage for your bad reads during a Madden game, but you deserve every single one of your 1.56 million subscribers as of this writing!

Brandon Lewis is the Web Director for Black Squirrel Radio. Follow him on Twitter @brandonlewis_7.

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