Traffic Jamz

Our show is about finding new music to listen to!

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Friday 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

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When you feel like you're in a "jam" and don't know what to listen to next, Traffic Jamz is the perfect place to go to find something new! Ava and Maddy play a different genre every week to appreciate all types of music and expand your taste!

Hosted by: Ava Pernotto and Madeleine McBride

What’s it About?: Traffic Jamz plays a different genre every Friday! If you don’t know what to listen to, tune in to find something new.

Genre(s): Pop, Rock, Hip-Hip, R&B, Dubstep, K-Pop, Latin Pop, Jazz, Doom Rap, Country, Acoustic, Metal, Indie, Bedroom Pop

Instagram: @Traffic_Jamz_BSR 

Twitter: @Traffic_Jamz

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