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The rise and fall of a great American institution

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There is a name. A name that is scoffed at by some, and treated as a dinosaur by others, but that is recognizable to all. That name, is Kmart. From humble beginnings, to a showdown to be America’s number one retail chain, to a once unthinkable merger, to wild innovation schemes, and now to the struggle to survive in a new retail environment. It is easy to see Kmart as "Just a Grocery Store", but it is more than that. Kmart is a once ubiquitous retail giant whose own history is not just fascinating, but is deeply tied to the eras it spanned. Eras that may just have shaped us, as much as they shaped it. Each week will consist of a different chapter of the Kmart saga, with the occasional interspersion of stories from current or former employees and customers, to discuss what the chain looks like through the eyes of those who made it possible.

Hosted by: Jacob Dicke

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