Marketing I am the Marketing Director here at Black Squirrel Radio. Majoring in good ol’ Business Management, it is my third semester here at the station and also my senior year. I’m a gal who craves the sea & gets pretty googly eyed every second I’m outside in nature. But at the end of the […] My name is Taylor Pierce and I am a senior public relations major. I’m a Music Coordinator for the station, as well as a member of the Web Staff. I also help out with the BSR Street Team from time to time. I really enjoy any Classic Rock, and spend most of my time […] My name is Ouya Huang. I’m a junior. My major is applied communication, and my minor is interpersonal communication. I am in the marketing/promotion team at BSR. I like traveling, doing exercise, watching movies… I have a strong interest in fashion. I used to participate in Akron’s Fashion & Art Showcase as a stylist […]

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