Album Review, The Chainsmokers, “Memories…Do Not Open”

Written by on April 21, 2017

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Artist: The Chainsmokers
Album: Memories…Do Not Open
Record Label: Disruptor Records/Columbia Records
Release Date: April 7, 2017



The Chainsmokers’ debut album is finally out! The iconic duo has had some big summer hits, including “Roses” and “Closer.” This time, they brought their fans a full-length album featuring collaborations with Coldplay, Florida Georgia Line and many others.

The biggest problem with this album is every song sound exactly the same. Each song starts off the same with a calm buildup to the first verse. The beat then intensifies during the bridge. After the chorus is finished, the beat drops and that’s where everyone goes wild and starts dancing. It repeats itself once or twice more. Then, when the song ends, it slowly fades out gracefully.

That’s the formula for every Chainsmokers song. That being said, there wasn’t that much variety on this album.

Emily Warren, however, stood out in a very positive way. Warren is known to have worked with the duo before in the past, but this is her best work yet. In “Don’t Say,” her soft, subtle voice blended well with the electronic beat of the song. To me, it was probably the best song off the entire album.

If you’re a die-hard Chainsmokers fan, then you’ll love this! If not, it’s still a very enjoyable album. I give this album a 3/5 and hope they continue to make more music in the near future.

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