Opinion: MLB Players Need to Suck it up and Deal with Salary Later

Photo Credit: forbes.com I love baseball. It’s my favorite sport. After attending Game 3 of the 2007 ALCS between Boston and Cleveland, I was hooked. My love for sports blossomed and never faded, with baseball at the core of my being.  But this childish resistance by baseball players, refusing a further pay cut for a single […]


The Night I Should’ve Met Fred McLeod

I was sixteen years old. Christmas had just passed and, as a gift to myself, was now heading up 77-N to the Q. One ticket. Primetime. Home, against the Celtics. I got to the arena early, grabbed a bite, and sat down to watch warm-ups. Fresh off the title, the Cavs still carried team-wide energy […]


What COVID-19 Has Taught Me

On March 10 around 2 p.m. Kent State announced all face-to-face classes would be suspended until April 13 due to the coronavirus. This is the first time I actually took COVID-19 seriously. Before March 10, I thought the virus was a hoax (yes, I really did!). I thought it would blow over like the Swine […]


Diamond Kites Release New EP Working Life

Coming fresh off of 2019 full of singles, most notably “The Way You Say It” (my personal fave), Akron, OH band, Diamond Kites, continues 2020 with their newest EP “Working Life.” A name that comes with a little irony, as many find themselves without a job due to the COVID-19 crisis. Diamond Kites, originally called […]


Outmatched Officially Cancelled After One Season

Photo credit: imdb.com About a month ago, I wrote an article detailing why I thought FOX’s Outmatched deserved a second season. I cited that even though the writing of the show needed to be improved, and the development of the characters needed work, the idea was there: Two normal parents raising four kids, three of […]

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