“The Zach & Beau Show” – Short Film Casting Call

Written by on February 5, 2017


BSR has begun pre-production on its first-ever SHORT FILM! The story is based around one of our most long-running and successful shows, “The Zach & Beau Show.” It follows the two DJs as they embark on a journey to deliver a pair of tickets for BSR’s biggest live show of the year to the mysterious girl who called in to win them. (More details coming soon)

CASTING will be held THURSDAY, FEB. 16TH & FRIDAY, FEB. 17TH from 5-9 PM in RM. 224 (BSR STUDIO) – FRANKLIN HALL. Auditions should take roughly 10-15 minutes each. If you are interested in auditioning, please email the director, BEAU KUHN, at BKUHN6@KENT.EDU. (Anyone interested in crew/tech work should also send an email)

Included in your email should be:
– Your name
– Phone number
– The day/time you’d like to audition
– The character(s) you’d like to audition for (or position for crew/tech)
– A headshot/personal photo

Of course, we will have forms available for any walk-ins who are interested in auditioning. However, any walk-in without a headshot/personal photo will be photographed for our casting process.

We look forward to putting together an amazing cast & crew so that we can see this project come to life!



ZACH – A college senior, though his looks and personality would suggest someone much older. He is an accounting/finance major who would rather drink Sleepy Time Tea and watch Bill Maher than go to a bar. Very “Type A” in terms of personality; organized, anal-retentive, and overtly anxious to transition smoothly into whatever the next chapter of his life may be, even if it means sacrificing his present life. The only escape he has from the harsh struggles of the “real world” come from his two hours spent each week on the radio with his best friend.
APPEARANCE: College-aged male, preferably with facial hair. Average height and average build. Google “Dave Matthews”

BEAU – Apart from their love for music and their age, he is essentially the exact opposite of Zach in every way. He still gets handed the occasional kids menu, and he can’t ride most rides at amusement parks. Has a creative, fast-moving mind combined with a lackadaisical, carefree attitude that results in what is best described as “organized chaos.” Everyone seems to know him some way or another. His deeply rooted obsession for movies, storytelling, and attention inspired his decision to major in film. But his imaginative mind causes him to see everything “through a lens,” which can occasionally cloud his judgment and perception of reality.
APPEARANCE: College-aged male, with a younger face. Fairly short (at least shorter than Zach) and average build. Well-dressed, somewhat hipster look. Glasses are preferred.

“MYSTERY GIRL” – An accounting/finance student just like Zach, recently out of a relationship and looking for a bit more adventure. A sudden moment of panic causes her to look back and wonder what happened to her high school self; the eccentric whiz kid madly in love with her high school sweetheart and destined for a happy future. She tries everything she can to start over with a clean slate. But every attempt to move forward is halted by her fear of losing the person she once was.
APPEARANCE: – College-aged female.

MOLLY – A regular Aphrodite; beautiful, evil, seductive, and manipulative. Her looks can be powerful when it comes to persuasion, but it’s her brain that truly pulls the strings. She’s cunning, quick, and maniacal. Every calculated action she makes is fueled by the two things she desires most: men and control. And she will do whatever it takes to get them. Picture the mind of Heath Ledger’s Joker in the body of an attractive, young woman
APPEARANCE: College-aged female, attractive and athletic build. Sleek, well-dressed. Darker tones and colors.


“SCENE” GIRL – Eccentric, punk style. Extremely outspoken and not afraid to kick some ass.
APPEARANCE: Fits the description.

BARTENDER – Quiet and bitter. Both physically and psychologically exhausted from having to deal with drunk people constantly berating him when they need something. But the moment they get what they want, he becomes a fly on the wall listening and taking in every drunken confession spoken beyond the bar.
APPEARANCE: Male, not age-specific.

GENERAL MANAGER – The epitome of the “This is fine (Room on fire)” meme. Constantly in a hurry, running around trying to make sure everything is in order. And all the while, trying to maintain a masking smile.

UBER DRIVER – His words are as slow and smooth as the soft jazz and r&b coming through his car speakers. Everything he says and does will make you want to run from the car, inform the nearest police officer, then take a long shower. Improv is welcomed
APPEARANCE: Male, any age.

UNLUCKY GUY – The epitome of the “Bad Luck Brian” meme. Just can’t catch a break.
APPEARANCE: Male, any age.

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