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Written by on January 25, 2020

Hosting my own radio show at BSR over the last two years has been a blast! As a matter of fact, you should apply to audition to host your very own R0CKIN, AWESOME, two hour weekly show. Applications can be found here.

However, BSR offers more than just radio shows. BSR offers a plethora of departments that are in need of  coordinators. A coordinator is somebody who works alongside their respective director to make sure their department is running smoothly. While coordinator’s are unpaid positions, many of BSR’s current director’s were coordinator’s in the past.

All the department descriptions are listed below.



Director(s) : Evan Harms/Karlie Hirter

Email/phone number: [email protected] / [email protected]

About Programming: We oversee everything relating to DJs– recruitment, communication, scheduling, newsletters, events and so much more. Currently seeking coordinators to assist with show critiques and DJ communication!



Director: Cole Bradley

Email: [email protected]

About Multimedia: BSR’s Multimedia department is responsible for any photography or videography put out. We do concert photography, create videos for the station and record sessions with bands.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Cole Bradley by email!



Director: Brandon Lewis

Email/phone number: [email protected] / (216) 298-3269

About Web: Web is my position! Web Staff is responsible for producing the content seen on All Kent State students are encouraged to apply. If interested, contact me by email or by phone!



Director: Zac McDowell

Email/phone number: [email protected] / (412) 354-8428

About Music Staff: The Music Department is responsible for uploading music into the system so that DJs can play music on the air, as well as communicating with bands and record labels for promotion needs or to expand the library of music in the station.



Director: Julia Kelch

Email/phone number: [email protected] / (937) 760-6244

About Production Staff: The Production department is responsible for creating, producing and distributing all of BSR’s on-air ads and podcasts. We are currently seeking coordinators! If you have any experience with audio recording or editing or are interested in learning, please fill out the form here! If you are interested in having a podcast in collaboration with BSR, fill out the form here!


Director: Dylan Bowers

Email/phone number: [email protected] / (330) 814-8515

About Sports Staff: The Sports department is responsible for broadcasting home basketball and baseball games as well as generating sports content for the website, including stories and podcasts.


Director: Sam Salkin

Email/phone number: [email protected] / (216) 386-1483

About Design: We are in charge of creating all sorts of promotional material for the station. We create physical and digital works for the radio as well as for the DJ’s. We’re looking for coordinators who have experience with Adobe programs and overall design. If this sounds like you, and you want to make some fun work this semester, feel free to contact Sam Salkin by email or by phone!

Marketing and Promotions:

Director: Hailey Barnett

Email/phone number: [email protected] / (216) 215-8367

About Marketing: The Marketing department focuses on promoting BSR on and off-campus as well as organizing fundraisers, venue collaborations and giveaways. Coordinators are needed for creative ideas, help with venue outreach and spreading awareness throughout campus.


Director: Sean Fine

Email/phone number: [email protected] / (216)-645-9755

About Technology:

The Technology department is responsible for studio equipment, ensuring everything is operational. The tech department also assists with any tech support issues encountered by DJ’s, along with setup for live sessions.

Social Media/Street Team:

Director: Ava Pernotto

Email/phone number: [email protected] / (330) 509-3505

The Social Media/Street Team department is responsible for getting the word out about Black Squirrel Radio! We work closely with the Marketing and Design departments, creating marketing strategies. Coordinators are needed for tabling events, dressing up like URL the Squirrel, hanging flyers and advertisement ideas.


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