Why Taking a Social Media Hiatus is a Good Thing

Written by on October 21, 2017

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When the Indians were in the MLB Playoffs, I shut down all my social media, my brand becoming nonexistent to the world for 9 days. I originally got the idea from Lebron James when in 2016, I found out he shuts down all his social media for the postseason, so I decided to do it too. This past social media hiatus was my 4th in two years, and every time I take a one, I enjoy it even more.

Without social media, people these days think their lives are over, but it is not. No social media means no distractions from outside noise, allowing you to focus on what really matters: friends, family, and school. Going a total of 163 days in the last two years without any social media, I have found myself more relaxed and more focused without it. Sure, the first day of the first hiatus was tough, but each day of the hiatus I found myself not ever wanting to go back since life had slowed down for me.

Taking a social media hiatus would be beneficiary to all people in the world. I challenge you to take a day: delete your apps, shut down your social media, and see how you view the world differently. After you finish the challenge, challenge your friends and family, and write me back a reflection of your experience. I would love to hear from you because I think a day without social media would be eye opening to the world. It would make us realize we do not desperately need to tweet something, or like a post. It would make us realize that social media is a blessing and a curse.

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