Concert Review: Tyler, The Creator at the House of Blues

Written by on November 15, 2017

A line wrapped all the way around the buildings of East 4th in downtown Cleveland the brisk night of November 12. Passersby looked in wonder of who was capable of drawing in so many young souls dressed in overalls and flat rim hats.

It was none other than Tyler the Creator.

After releasing his highly ranked and beautiful album, Flower Boy, this year, it was a no brainer Tyler would sell out the House of Blues.

Taco of Odd Future opened up the night and kept the massive crowd hyped with hits from Kendrick Lamar, Kanye and Kid Cudi.

Soon enough, Tyler lit the gloom of the stage in a fluorescent construction jacket in which he said “I just found this six minutes ago” with Where This Flower Blooms off of Flower Boy.

Tyler blessed the crowd with a pleasant mix of songs from all of his albums.

During songs like, Tamale, Who Dat Boy, and I Ain’t Got Time you could feel the entire venue shaking. Tyler even freestyled multiple times in the night and kept saying “Isn’t it crazy, I don’t even know the lyrics and I wrote these songs?!?”

A somber, yet enchanting mood was set when Tyler performed songs like IFHY, See You Again and November. The beauty and emotion of these songs truly demonstrate Tyler’s musical talent and ability to create.

Tyler brought along his unique and beautiful Golf Wang merchandise, which had people flooding the lobby of the House of Blues.

Overall, 10/10 would recommend a Tyler the Creator show. The performance and energy was impeccable and to the point. This man is crazy talented in more ways than one.

Intrigued? Never listened to Tyler the Creator? What’s Flower Boy?

Please get on that by listening below:

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