Top 8 Best K-Pop Comebacks for November

Written by on November 11, 2017

This past week was jam-packed with new K-pop releases, even more so than usual. From highly anticipated comebacks to surprising debuts, K-pop fans were definitely in for a treat as we dive into one of the biggest comebacks seasons this year. Here’s how I would rank these top eight songs, based on how well I think each artist executed their concepts.

  1. DDD – EXID

There’s something about electropop songs that instantly peak my interest and leave me wanting more. “DDD” is no exception as the ladies of EXID straddle the fence of being sweet and sassy. Right off the bat, the intro is what carries the song and keeps me interested to hear more, especially since it repeats itself at least three different times. It starts with a very prominent bass and adds synth on top to give the song a little more attitude. I love the way LE’s rapping flows in-between the other members’ singing parts and never sounds out of place. Compared to the sexy attitude that the verses gave off and the way the members were singing, the hook is much more fun and lighthearted, which caught me off guard during my first listen. But, looking back at EXID’s previous songs, it’s a contrast that they’ve done several times before and tend to pull it off very well.

  1. I Knew It – Sonamoo

Yes, Sonamoo!! Coming with the first pleasant surprise on this list is “I Knew It,” which is a dance track infused with several Latin elements and written by members NewSun and D.ana. Personally, I’m a sucker for a really good, dance-worthy Latin song, so when K-pop groups decide to integrate that into their music, it’s the best of both worlds. The only complaint I have is the repetition of “I” playing throughout the song. Because the song as a whole is very easy to listen to, I can tolerate it, but I would’ve preferred if the producers had used that one part more sporadically. Otherwise, I love the use of the Spanish guitar and Flamenco percussion to perfectly capture the Latin essence.

  1. Dramarama – Monsta X

Right off the bat, I knew this song would be a rollercoaster when Monsta X begins to harmonize in a capella. What I didn’t expect, was the electric guitar to come into play and it stays that way throughout the entire song as it plays in the background. The first verse didn’t ‘wow’ me vocally or musically when most of the backing track is pulled out during the pre-chorus. However, Kihyun succeeds in bringing the song back up to tempo and as always, he holds that extra power in his voice to drive the song and keep it moving forward. Monsta X’s rap line, Jooheon and I.M. were undoubtedly the two highlights as they deliver strong, impactful raps. I’m not entirely sure where this stands on my list of favorite Monsta X title tracks, but I can’t wait to hit repeat over and over, and over.

  1. Jelly – Jeon Soyeon

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw the thumbnail for this video, I thought it was going to be another cheesy concept with a generic song; I have never been happier to be wrong. Jeon Soyeon, who is a singer and rapper under Cube Entertainment, appeared on the survival show Produce 101 and finished as the third runner-up on the rap show, Unpretty Rapstar. I had never heard of her until clicking “Jelly,” and it was the most pleasant surprise I’ve had all week. Her rap style is very cool and youthful, but she doesn’t try to mimic other female rappers which I greatly appreciate. Not only can she stay on top of the beat and deliver a rhythmic verse, but she’s also quirky at times and cute without trying. Soyeon is definitely on my list of artists to watch out for, and I would recommend she’s added to yours too.

  1. All Alone – DAY6

Taking a completely different approach from the previous releases this week, DAY6 slows it down with an acoustic guitar-driven ballad. Out of all the songs DAY6 has released for their EveryDAY6 project, “All Alone” is one of the tracks that I fell deeply in love with instantly. Themes of feeling alone and wanting someone to be there for you when you come home, or to cheer you on when you’re feeling down are felt throughout the song, and I felt that sense of longing in the group’s voices. Although they sound very sweet, the music coupled with their harmonies, are enough to feel the message that they intended to give. The music video shows a mixture of the band playing several instruments and flashbacks from their previous videos with a connected storyline. If I had a sleep playlist, this would be the first song to play.

  1. Clap – Seventeen

A dirty guitar riff leads “Clap” into an intense power song, different from anything Seventeen has released before, including the retro-funk beat and aggressive vocals from all 13 members. I tried to pick one standout moment or even a member who impressed me the most, but everything was so well executed, it was difficult to have even one specific moment that I connected with most. But of course the “jjakjjakjjakjjak” part (which means clap, clap, clap, clap) is the easiest part to learn and sing along to, even if it’s the only part you know. Seventeen proves once again that there’s no concept they can’t conquer.

  1. Black Suit – Super Junior

Ladies and gentlemen, the veterans of K-pop have finally made their return after a two-year hiatus. This is a comeback I’ve been waiting on all year, considering four of the members have returned from the military and the group celebrated their 12th anniversary on the day of their album release. With that being said, “Black Suit” met and exceeded all of my expectations with a sound that I’ve always been obsessed with, especially when K-pop artists utilize it. A delicate piano can be heard in the intro of the song, before it immediately dives into a funky beat and Donghae opening the song. As the song progresses, it takes on the jazz and swing eras with vibrant trumpets and other brass instruments. The retropop concept of “Black Suit” was made for Super Junior as they showcase their timeless age and elegance with every move. Finally, it all ties together in the end with a captivating vibrato note close the track.

  1. Shall We Dance – Block B

When I hear the words, “Block B comeback,” I already know to expect the unexpected and that is exactly what happened with “Shall We Dance.” The track was co-composed by leader Zico and fuses house music with Latin elements, which are two genres that I would’ve never imagined hearing in the same song before this moment. As expected by its title, the song practically lends itself to an exotic dance track that also incorporates tango movements in the choreography. Not only do Zico and Kyung’s raps work so well on top of the heavy bass driven beat, but the falsettos from Taeil and B-Bomb in the pre-chorus become even more satisfying with each listen. Out of all the uptempo songs on this list, “Shall We Dance” would be dubbed the best party song to get people moving on the dance floor.

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