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Written by on October 1, 2021

With Beetlejuice returning to Broadway in April of 2022, I sat down with Tiktoker Foxberri to see if they had any plans for the upcoming spooky season and the return of Beetlejuice. I also got some advice on how to balance content creating and life, as well as how to begin cosplaying.

Foxberri as Beetlejuice’s Lydia Deets

Who Is Foxberri? 

Foxberri is a cosplayer and college student who became famous on Tiktok for their Lydia Deets cosplay from Beetlejuice. They are  currently a junior in college double majoring in psychology and dance. Foxberri began cosplaying around August of 2019, after taking a gap year when they graduated from high school.

The first video of theirs to blow up was a cosplay of Candace Flynn from Phineas and Ferb, however their Lydia Deets cosplay was so different that their viewers would come back and ask when they would cosplay the Beetlejuice character again! Foxberri says that their gained popularity changed their life immensely, and that they often got mistaken for the actor who played Lydia on Broadway, Sophia Anne Caruso.

They received many opportunities, such as interviewing with The Rolling Stone’s magazine. Foxberri has created a community as well as making friends. When being recognized in public, Foxberri says that “the interactions warm their heart.” 

What does Foxberri Do?

On top of being a content creator Foxberri uses their platform to share current events. Foxberri learned during college that the world and its politics are important to them. They’re aware that they have an audience and if they can reach one person to let them know about an event that they didn’t know about it would be worth it because you never know who needs to hear it. Foxberri stated that we are humans before we are cosplayers and I wholeheartedly agree with them.

Foxberri mentioned that they are currently working on something to be able to interact more with their audience. Alongside that, they are currently working on the biggest cosplay they’ve done yet, Ibuki Mioda from Danganronpa. They plan to pull her outfit from other pieces and make her their own. It’ll be a while before we see it because they want to do the best of their ability. They are also planning to make new content with Juno from Beastar since season two has come out and are also planning on redoing their Crona from Soul Eater cosplay, changing up the wig and makeup style. You might catch Foxberri at Rhode Island Comic Con as Crona. Foxberri is planning on being more spontaneous with their cosplays so chances are we might be seeing Kokichi again! 

It’s Not All Fun and Games, But They Love It

Foxberri as Tim Burton’s Coraline

Being a content creator while being in school and working can be hard. Foxberri says that it can be hard especially if you’re a perfectionist like them. They schedule specific things they want to do during the week such as wig making, filming, and even just scrapbooking. This year is more difficult for Foxberri than it was their first year of cosplaying when they were at home and just working. When asked for advice on how to balance the three Foxberri says that they sit down to find a balance in the three because they enjoy it and want to make time for it, saying: “Knowing when you need to. Cosplay is very therapeutic for me and when I know I’ve had two rough weeks I make time to cosplay.” 

Foxberri also suggested that scheduling a day for making parts of a cosplay and breaking up into different nights helps. When it comes to conventions, they say it’s a matter of picking days that don’t clash with other things. 

When asked if being a content creator alone is hard Foxberri shared that it can be. There are some challenges with being labeled as a content creator. Being on the internet and having a decent following means there’s unwanted pressure. Sometimes the cosplayer receives DMs demanding content. There’s a pressure to post and be consistent, but Foxberri reminds themselves that the content is for yourself and to make what you like. They Believes that pleasing your audience shouldn’t be the soul purpose of your account.

Foxberri as Juno from Beastar

Advice from Foxberri

Foxberri has been cosplaying for almost three years now, so I asked her if she had any advice for any beginner cosplayers. Foxberri’s biggest advice was the three-cosplayer rule: 

  1. Find a cosplay you can pull from your closet
  2. Use your own hair
  3. Don’t be afraid to borrow clothes from the people you live with

You then come up with three cosplays with what you find. Go back to the first one and change it. Rather it’s the makeup, outfit, or hair style. Then see if you can pull another cosplay from it. Seeing your progress and changes will motivate you.

“Cosplay has changed from what it was once before and what it was before was being the absolute most true to the picture of the character, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about the style that you bring towards it and that what makes every cosplayer different. Its hard to do, but you’re your own person. It’s more about being canon to the character and not the picture of the character.” 

I also asked them for advice on what to do when in a creative rut and they said to go for whatever your brain wants in that specific moment. You could be working on one cosplay, but if one day your brain says that tonight I need to do something else then do it. Foxberri believes that schedules are important but make way for your brain. Whatever your brain needs creative wise go for it. Whether it’s painting , drawing, or cosplaying as a different character.

Foxberri as Crona from Soul Eater

Spooky Season and Beetlejuice

With spooky season starting, for some of us as early as September 1st, I asked Foxberri if they had any plans for the season, and they said yes! We can expect to see Lydia making a comeback as well as the possibility of them cosplaying Beetlejuice himself. Foxberri also plans on bringing back some fan favorites like Coraline.

They also want to try and do some other Tim Burton characters as well. They are planning to cosplay the popular Aadam’s Family couple Morticia and Gomez with a friend. They are also working on a full Halloween costume, so we are in for a spooky surprise! Of course, we asked the Beetlejuice cosplayer if they would be going to the show when it returns to Broadway, and they said they hadn’t been able to attend when it originally ran and was planning to attend this time in full Lydia cosplay. 

I honestly can’t wait to see what else Foxberri does with their cosplays and platform. Whether they know it or not, Foxberri is making a difference, not only to the cosplay community, but to all the communities that they help by simply passing on information about the current events in the world. 


You can see more of Foxberri’s work on Tiktok and Instagram @Foxberri.cosplay. You can also watch them Stream on Twitch @Foxberricosplay.

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