The 12th Human Inundated Music Video Release

Written by on October 27, 2017

Recent Kent State graduate, Eric Wexler, is a multi-talented singer and songwriter that has worked to make a name for himself in the music industry over the last few years. Wexler is the man behind the Alternative/Indie band, The 12th Human, and writes and produces all of the music created for the band on his own.

In 2016 Wexler released his first single, “Tall Sun,”on various music platforms and continued to create and release music throughout 2017.

The latest endeavour for Wexler and The 12th Human involved teaming up with Cape and Cottage Productions to shoot a new music video for the single “Inundated.” After getting to see a sneak peak of the video this week, all I can say is that this project involved a high dose of passion and some serious psychedelic lighting.

The humorous video involves Wexler portraying three different quirky characters to make a band comprised of a lead singer, a drummer and a bassist.

Watch the main character, Wexler himself, run around on a comical hunt to gather the other band members through this passionate and very well directed DIY project. You’ll get a glimpse of a bad ass Oldsmobile, a beautiful female and some seriously well done aesthetic shots throughout this video.

This video encapsulates all of the passion Wexler has poured into his music over the last few years, and gives you a chance to see what some real talent  and a love for music can produce.

Here’s what Wexler had to say about the idea behind the video:

Inundated is a video about a dude who keeps trying to win over a girl that’s dating a classic douchebag, except (much like real life) the douche ends up winning her anyway. The narrative follows the main character running around his neighborhood like a lunatic in an attempt to gather his band of rejects together for practice.

In lieu of giving credit where credits due, Cape & Cottage Productions singlehandedly killed it on this video. Threading together four interacting characters played by one guy is not an easy task… when I first thought up this idea and brought it to the table,  it was kind of a “imagine we could pull this off” type of idea.  Andrea Van Niekerk of C&C Productions did an absolutely masterful job of piecing this project together from start to finish. Everyone on set was so incredibly good at what they do.  I’m really lucky to be surrounded by such a talented network of friends… I think this is a big part of allows true grassroots DIY projects like The 12th Human to operate. Very thankful for everyone who helped out.

Check out the brand new video for “Inundated” now, below.

You can check out The 12th Human for free on Spotify, iTunes, Instagram, Facebook, Bandcamp or The 12th Human website.

Instagram: @the12thhuman

Facebook: The12thHuman



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