Superache in Cleveland

Written by on October 8, 2022

Conan Gray’s Superache Tour Stops in Cleveland


Conan Gray’s latest album “Superache” courtesy of Republic Records

After waiting for months, Conan Gray’s fourth tour, Superache, finally brought him to a location near me— to Jacob’s Pavilion at Nautica on September 24, 2022. Luckily, my roommate and I bought tickets early, so we got to witness the show with a great view from the floor.

The venue’s doors opened at 7 PM and Kacy Hill took the stage in a glamorous fashion— dawned in a dazzling glitter bra playing a melancholy sound. An ongoing joke with the audience is that Conan makes songs for sad people… so Kacy’s sound wasn’t surprising to say the least. Her set went on for about 30 minutes, and then the audience was left with a VCR of a rose blooming until 8 PM. Finally, Conan began with the single Disaster.

The stage lights changed colors repeatedly throughout the show depending on a song’s vibe, but the heart cutout present at the back of the stage remained throughout the entirety of the show. Conan’s microphone stand was also decorated with roses which matched his album, Superache’s, theme which is roses and hearts.

Conan’s outfit was also stunning. It was a cutout glitter top paired with white pants… it made him look ethereal.

Credit: Rachel Liggett

In my opinion, the show consisted of a good happy to sad song ratio. Fans screamed incredibly loud during songs like Maniac, while crying extremely loud during songs like Family Line.

Not only did Conan dance around on stage, but he also had acoustic sets for specific songs, like The Story. I contributed to a fan project during the song Astronomy, where we held our phone flashlights up to look like stars. It is pertinent that you, the reader, know that I cried during this since Astronomy is one of my favorite songs.

The entire show was very high-energy and fun due to Conan’s natural charm and performance ability. He frequently interacted with and waved to the audience. He also told the audience before Family Line that ‘we should always follow our dreams and he supports us.’

Before the song Heather, Conan said that would be his final song. Then, he stated, “That was a little jokey-joke” and that he needed to prepare for the encore. The encore consisted of the songs Maniac and Memories, which are very well known due to being famous on TikTok. The show went on for about two hours and the crowd was terribly sad when he left the stage.

Personally, my roommate and I had an incredible time at the concert, and it was well worth the $200 I had spent on tickets. With a small, intimate-feeling venue and an amazing show, I don’t know what more I could have asked for. Actually, I do. I would’ve given an arm and a leg to hear Yours live, but unfortunately, it was taken off the setlist. All and all, it was an amazing experience.

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