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Pass the Mic started as a sports talk podcast about Cleveland and national sports. But now, we are a radio program while still keeping up with the podcast format. Sean Fitzgerald and Enzo Orlando, who are both sports coordinator here at Black Squirrel Radio, are back at it again. From The Weekly Recap to Wacky Sports and poll of the day, we are always loaded. Not to mention that at the end of every show, we have our Drunkie of the Week, where we find something either in sports or news where people or many people screwed up. The term 'drunkie' comes from Enzo's grandpa because that is what he called Enzo's uncle in college.

Hosted by: Enzo Orlando and Sean Fitzgerald


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Pass the Mic Sports Talk crew I’m a junior journalism major and a sports coordinator here at BSR. I’ve always grown up loving sports, especially baseball as my favorite! I’ve hosted Fitz on Sports, Fitz and Spinell, and now will co-host Pass the Mic with Fitz & Enzo. I love my Cleveland Sports teams, Francisco Lindor and Baker Mayfield are awesome, and I have […]

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