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My show is about the intersecting culture of sports and music today. We will talk about the biggest stories in sports and hip hop and play the best music from today's and yesterday's biggest hip hop artists. We're baking up some takes and songs for the best damn radio station in the world.

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Mondays 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

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Baking news is for the fan. For the people who are stuck to their couch every weekend to watch football. For the people who check Spotify at midnight for the newest big rap release. For the people who just want to talk about sports and music from their own perspective. This isn't a show to listen to if you get your pop culture opinions from what some account with 10k followers on Twitter is saying. Being original and being confident in that originality is what we thrive off of. And we're pretty funny (we think.) Come listen and find out!

Hosted by: Jacob Majka and Aidan Coyne

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