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Written by on February 14, 2017

Every week of programing we will be highlighting the Black Squirrel Radio Show of the Week!

This week’s show is That’s What She Said

That’s What She Said airs every Tuesday from 10pm to Midnight. Host Ashley Markle has been with Black Squirrel Radio for three years and is currently the BSR Programing Director. Her co-host,  Zaria Moore is new to BSR. That’s What She Said offers weekly sessions of hanging out and discussing feminism and other important topics!


Describe your show:
Zaria: Our show gives a meal for all types of people. Whether you are vegan, pescetarian, or a carnivorous rex, we will be serving a legendary meal with a plethora of tea to go with it. We begin our show with an appetizer to let you know what our special of the night is. We do this to warm you up before we get into the meat and potatoes of the conversation. Throughout the meal, we spill different types of tea ranging from unoxidized to oxidized. If you’re lucky, we’ll also serve you crumpets with the tea. At the end of our show, we give Ratatouille’s pick, which is the chef’s personal favorite dish. As we take the plates away and collect the tea cups, we leave you with a coupon that’s valid on our next show and thank you for listening. Don’t forget that weekly tea is healthy for you!
Ashley: Our show is the audio version of the relationship between Zaria and I. We felt a need to broadcast our opinions on our world. Everyone is invited to listen in on some crazy stories that we’ll have every week and how we cope with them. You will most likely learn something. Whether it’s valuable or not is up to you. Just remember to clock the tea on anyone you see.

How did you come up with your show concept:
Zaria: We came up with the idea because Ashley is obsessed with The Office, and we wanted a funny title. Everyone knows “That’s What She Said” as a funny sexual innuendo, so automatically we had to choose it. The basis of our show is feminism and female empowerment, therefore, we wanted to have a catchy title that could fit that description as well.
Ashley: All we had to do was write down a list of what we are about and it turned itself into a show.

What do you do in your free time:
Zaria: My free time consists of lifting and doing yoga habitually. If I’m truly a free woman, I like to participate in pageants and modeling.
Ashley: I serve at an anonymous restaurant, film things, listen to vinyl and read about the end of the world.

Who are some of your favorite bands/artists:
Zaria: I’m a huge fan of the artist, Teebs. His music is very catching, and can best be classified under hip hop. Growing up in a performing arts school really led me to appreciate all genres of music. With my music taste is all over the place–just like my personality.
Ashley: Modern Baseball, The Front Bottoms, Blink 182, Birdy, Title Fight, and Seafret

What is your favorite BSR memory:
Zaria: Spring Orientation, 2017. Layne told the crowd, “Shout out your favorite on the count of three!” And it was at that moment I knew I had to give credit to one of the most skillfully crafted films of all time—Ratatouille.
Ashley: Going to Boston with the directors.

Describe each other:
Zaria: Ashley is the most loving cynical I’ve ever met. She hates everything yet can make a joke about it and appreciate what’s important in life. But regardless, I’ve never shared a friendship with someone so driven and eager to better herself and those around. She’s super attractive, funny, honest, and yet somehow still single.
Ashley: We are honest girls that a lot of people find too intense. Zaria is a super amazing person that lights up any room she walks in. I am stuck in the twilight zone so as soon as I get out I’m sure I’ll be on par with her.

What would you like people to know about feminism:
Zaria: Absolutely no one is better than someone because of their race, religion, or sex. I understand that there is a misconception about feminism, leading to believe that it is, “white feminism”. The basis of the feminism agenda is equal rights across the board. However, feminism cannot be focused on the white woman alone because she is still more privileged than someone of another race. There are many women of color who have a hard time calling themselves a feminist. The reason for this is because one side of feminism works to integrate woman into the American system today. The other side recognizes institutional discrimination, fundamental flaws, and works to create a revolution.
Ashley: It is not about hating men. Feminism is about equality for all sexes. Feminism is here to stay and is still in the beginning stages because not everyone even knows what it truly is.

What is the best way to get politically engaged and involved:
Zaria: The best way to get politically involved is to get off twitter complaining about politics and do something with your voice and freedom. We are free and we are privileged. We have great resources at Kent State to get involved on campus with other like-minded political advocates. Vocalizing political policies means absolutely nothing if you do nothing to stop the injustice and watch it continue. Be the movement.
Ashley: Look around you, make friends with people who care about the same issues as you, volunteer, have compassion and don’t stop the fight.

If you could be best friends with one fictional character who would it be and why:
Zaria: If I could be friends with one fictional character, I would choose Hugh Neutron just so he can call me “sugar booger”. There’s something about a dad in a sweater vest that just gets me.
Ashley: Eric Forman. He lives in the 70s and has a cool basement.

Be sure to tune into That’s What She Said every Tuesday from 10pm to Midnight only on Black Squirrel Radio!

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