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Written by on April 24, 2017

Every week of programming we will be highlighting the Black Squirrel Radio Show of the Week

This week’s show is Shut Up and Listen

Shut Up and Listen airs every Tuesday from 4pm to 6pm. Host Emelia Sherin has been with BSR for two semesters discussing what’s happening at Kent state and the world with the spicy seasonings of hot topics and tunes. From light wash denim jeans to the Pyramid of Menkaure, shut up and listen to Emelia every Tuesday afternoon on Black Squirrel Radio!


Describe your show:
Focusing on alternative/indie rock and kicking jazz, we like to “Shut Up and Listen” to the sultry sounds of our universe. Interviewing different organizations all over Kent campus, we will discover that there is more to Kent than just squirrels and no parking spaces. Discussing facts and loopholes, listeners will be educated on world news and how to live life to the fullest while chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool.

How did you come up with your show concept:
One night, I was watching “Princess Diaries” and the scene where Lily, Princess Mia’s best friend, had her own cable access show called “Shut Up and Listen” popped up. I was thinking, “Wow! People really do need to just shut and listen because there is a huge difference between listening and hearing.” When it comes to any form of communication, listening is the most important function. How can you converse, create your own thoughts, or maintain new knowledge without having the ability to compute it? Then, I combined this concept with our very own Kent campus. There is so much to this vast campus that many students don’t know about, from commuter hacks to events that offer possible employment and free food that may spark others interests. So, “Shut Up and Listen” was born.

What do you do in your free time:
In my free time, I love hiking in the great outdoors, dancing everywhere I go, walking around our beautiful campus, knitting, creating puzzles to build my cognitive skills, listening to podcasts and reading medical journals. If this makes me sound like a cool grandma, it’s because I am.

Who are some of your favorite bands/artists:
Personally, I can jam to anything. Yes, anything. From Led Zeppelin to Fabrizio Paterlini, I have quite the open mind. Recently, my favorite genres have been jazzy big bands, hard core blues, and modern orchestral covers because I love swing dancing and contemporary ballet. Bobby Darin, Ida Cox, Memphis Minnie, Vitamin String Quartet, and Icebreakers get the job done.

Favorite show moment of the semester:
My favorite show moment is having my best friend and favorite vegan, Simone Henry, on board. She’s heavily involved on campus and will give us the scoop on anything from Greek Life to Her Campus.

What are your favorite movies:
I’m a sucker for any John Hughes movies. There’s always a simple lesson to learn throughout the cute story line. But, this semester, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie and Pulp fiction have saved my life more times than I can count.

Do you collect anything (and why):
I collect buttons! Growing up, I had an uncle who passed away and left me with his small button collection. Since 2007, I have collected 284 buttons from all over the world, with witty sayings and political stances.

If you could have one super power what would it be and why:
I would love to have the ability to forget. There are some things that are worth remembering and some that are not, so I would love to be able to pick those specific memories out of my brain and forget them forever.


Be sure to tune into Shut Up and Listen on Tuesdays 4pm to 6pm only on Black Squirrel Radio!

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