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Written by on October 7, 2016

Every week of programing we will be highlighting the Black Squirrel Radio Show of the Week!

This week’s show is Funkhaus Berlin


Funkhaus Berlin airs every Saturday night from Midnight to 2 AM. Hosts Eric Jacoby and Chad Weaver describe their program as a weekly discussion about the top political stories of the week, trying their best to provide historical context, interesting commentary, and maybe a laugh or two.


What do you do in your free time?
Eric: I spend almost all of my free time reading about and discussing politics, but I also like to listen to and play music, and perform stand-up comedy. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, and sunsets.

Who are some of your favorite bands?
Eric: My favorite bands include: Against Me!, David Bowie, Concave Onion, Eskimeaux, Janelle Monae, My Bloody Valentine, My Chemical Romance, The Smiths, Rozwell Kid, They Might Be Giants, Titus Andronicus, and The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, among others.
Chad: Right now, I’m digging Dog Taste and Little Puffballs right now.

Who are your favorite political figures?
Eric: There honestly aren’t a lot of political figures I admire (I’m kind of a pessimist I guess), but I’m a fan of Bernie Sanders, and I have, what can best be described as a “compulsive fixation,” with the 37th President of the United States, Richard Milhous Nixon.
Chad: Deray McKesson, GG Allin and whoever is playing Colonel Sanders currently.

How do you feel about the 2016 election?
Eric: The 2016 election was very fun and interesting at the beginning but after sitting through the Republican convention (where Donald Trump hosted Lenny Riefenstahl screening parties in the downtime between millennial blood-obsessed tech billionaires giving speeches about the importance of a return to feudalism) and the Democratic convention (where Hillary Clinton revealed her CENTER-RIGHT knuckle tats and NATIONALISM RULEZ back piece) it all started to get depressing. But hey, it’s always fun to crack jokes about Gary Johnson, so it’s not all bad!
Chad: Shruggy Emoji

If you had to have a vice president on your show who would it be and why?
Eric: If I had to have a Vice President on the show I’d probably choose the only person to ever be elected twice to the Vice Presidency and then twice to the Presidency, which would of course be Mr. Richard Milhous Nixon. If it had to be a VP who never became president, then I guess I’d have Joe Biden on. He seems like a nice guy.
Chad: Joe “Booty-Boy” Biden


Be sure to check out Funkhause Berlin every Saturday night from Midnight to 2am only on Black Squirrel Radio!

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