MGMT releases new single “Little Dark Age”

Written by on November 8, 2017

After 4 years of waiting to hear more of MGMT’s proto-electro punk art noise, they have finally released a new single called “Little Dark Age,” that is rumored to be on an upcoming album which was originally promised last year. The single sounds a bit different than the band’s original music, but still consists of that psych-rock sound.

This sci-fi synth-pop song was made public last week accompanied by a gothic music video, just in time for Halloween.

Right off the bat the song starts out with some dark lyrics- “breathing in the dark, lying on its side”. The music video greatly portrays these dark lyrics by having band members Vanwyngarden, who seems to be resembling musician Robert Smith, and Goldwasser in an eerie medieval mansion looking as if they’re the goth kids from South Park. And how appropriate that  Connan Mockasin happens to make an appearance.

A little more than half way through the song, there’s a familiar synth sound that happens to be from the introduction of MGMT’s classic “Time to Pretend,” that was released over a decade ago.

Although MGMT’s new single may not have that same stoned college party sound as heard 10 years ago in their album ‘Oracular Spectacular,’ the band kept their unique style while managing to explore new sounds and a darker mood.

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