cbattle8@kent.edu   As web director, I am responsible for overseeing the content that goes up each day on Black Squirrel Radio’s website, and also for having really bad opinions about all your favorite music, movies and more!

Maria Serra wants to talk to YOU! She loves interviewing and working with artists from all genres and backgrounds. As a former Alternative Press intern and current BSR Web Coordinator, she is ready to promote you and let your voice be heard. Plus, her parents think she’s funny, so it might be a fun interview! […]

I’m a political science major here and as a web coordinator, I help oversee the lovely content that goes on our site.  I also write for about music and occasionally, my guilty pleasure, The Bachelor.  I love coffee, cooking, and all things Cleveland.

Hi. I am Christopher Ramos, or preferably, just Ramos. I am a sophomore journalism major that can sling a football like Uncle Rico. I enjoy writing and I enjoy music, especially the sounds created by this band called The Doors. I also host a radio show on BSR every Monday from 8-10 p.m. called “The […]

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