Production Eric Jacoby is a Junior History major, and BSR’s podcast coordinator. He also hosts Funkhaus Berlin, consistently the highest rated political talk program in the history of the spoken word.That’s about it, join DSA.

Alex is one of many coordinators here at BSR, but his elusive and stoic nature distinguish him from the rest. After hosting a show called The Apopalypse for three semesters, he has decided to roam the campus in search of adventure (and any kind of music that is not pop or hip-hop).

Julia Kelch is a third-year communication studies major with a minor in political science. She’s a music and production coordinator for Black Squirrel Radio! She also hosts “R U Going 2 Talk the ENTIRE Time?” broadcasting real dumb bitch hours 6-8pm every Saturday. She loves indie pop, Halloween, and cheese. She’s honestly probably funnier than […]

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