Maria Serra wants to talk to YOU! She loves interviewing and working with artists from all genres and backgrounds. As a former Alternative Press intern and current BSR Web Coordinator, she is ready to promote you and let your voice be heard. Plus, her parents think she’s funny, so it might be a fun interview! […] What’s crackalacklin everyone. My name is Jenn Noga and I’m a Web Coordinator for BSR this year. On top of writing for Web Staff, I’m a DJ (tune into Bar Buddies Friday 10am to 12pm) AND I’m a concert photographer. Do you have niche obscure bands I should listen to? Want me to cover […] I’m a junior journalism major and a sports coordinator here at BSR. I’ve always grown up loving sports, especially baseball as my favorite! I’ve hosted Fitz on Sports, Fitz and Spinell, and now will co-host Pass the Mic with Fitz & Enzo. I love my Cleveland Sports teams, Francisco Lindor and Baker Mayfield are awesome, and I have […]

Alex is one of many coordinators here at BSR, but his elusive and stoic nature distinguish him from the rest. After hosting a show called The Apopalypse for three semesters, he has decided to roam the campus in search of adventure (and any kind of music that is not pop or hip-hop).

Hi. I am Christopher Ramos, or preferably, just Ramos. I am a sophomore journalism major that can sling a football like Uncle Rico. I enjoy writing and I enjoy music, especially the sounds created by this band called The Doors. I also host a radio show on BSR every Monday from 8-10 p.m. called “The […] What up people, it’s Zac!  I am a junior DMP major that loves music, movies, and video games.  I am a music coordinator and occasionally write for web staff!  Also, I am a DJ for the show Punks Not Dead on Thursdays 8-10pm, where I play different types of punk rock.  Tune in! Feel […]

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