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Written by on October 19, 2016

Flyer by: Peter Kratcoski

Local bands take the stage at the local Hive Mind in Akron

Scribed by: Jenna Langan

On October 17th, I had the opportunity to see the Mhms, Pizza Ghost and Extra Spooky perform at local Akron venue, Hive Mind. Hive Mind, located on 373 West Exchange St. is a space for music, art and any creativity in between; this allows artists to display what they do best. Most of the events held at Hive Mind are only asking for a $5 donation, so this is an AMAZING way to experience wonderful art and music when you’re a broke college student. Make sure to check it out!

Here’s their facebook page where you can find upcoming events.

I walked into Hive Mind and was immediately compelled by the atmosphere. Artwork by local artists were featured along the walls and hints of quirky lights and decorations scattered about. I scored a spot up front right away to catch the first band, The Mhms. These guys absolutely rocked. I was blown away when their lead singer said it was only the second time they performed together. Their music was full of groove and made it hard not to dance. Keep your eyes peeled open for them on your local lineup, you will not want to miss them!

The next performance was put on by Akron’s very own, Pizza Ghost. I appreciate this name more than anything because what’s greater than pizza and some spooks? Pizza Ghost put on a phenomenal show. I was sad to hear that this was actually their last performance as a band. However, I felt fortunate to be able to witness such an outstanding ending. Towards the end of the performance I had to step back from the front row to avoid getting moshed, but it was amazing to witness. Let their legacy live on by checking out their music here.

Extra Spooky took on the stage last, but it was well worth the wait. The band is currently on a tour across the country and spent the past weekend in their homeland, Ohio. Extra Spooky defines their sounds as “Haunted Dance Punk” and I gotta say, that is quite accurate. The energy provided by the band absolutely shook the crowd in the best way possible. The room felt ecstatic and euphoric with Extra Spooky in its presence. The band was even so kind to leave out free pins and stickers, and I made sure to cop some on the way out! Make sure you check out their tunes.

Overall, it was a 10/10 experience at Hive Mind with the Mhms, Pizza Ghost and Extra Spooky!
Check out all of their music and continue to support local venues like Hive Mind!

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