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Written by on October 19, 2017

Local indie punk band, McCafferty, has been gaining great popularity within the past year. McCafferty brings a new sound to music while presenting strong meaning behind their lyrics. The band consists of Nick Hartkop leading with vocals and rhythm, Evan Graham shredding the lead guitar, Chris Joecken electrifying the bass and Wes Easterly smashing the drums.

McCafferty has released a full-length LP entitled “Beachboy” and an EP entitled “Thanks. Sorry. Sure.” that can both be experienced through multiple music outlets. After listening, if you just can’t get enough, they are currently working on their next album anticipated to be released in 2018.

McCafferty recently presented their talent on their first tour, accompanied with Moose Blood in early September. Their tour was such a success that they decided to play one last show with Moose Blood on Thursday, October 12 at the Grog Shop. The energetic band hit the stage dressed in their Halloween costumes ready to play. McCafferty thrilled the audience with their strong positive energy throughout their entire set.

We talked with singer, Nick Hartkop, about the history of the band and their future together.

The interview follows:

How did you all meet?

I have known Wes and Chris since they were in fifth grade. I met Evan while washing dishes at a restaurant when he was 16. And then we later moved to college together [Kent State]. All of us are from the same hometown, [Medina].

Where did you get the name McCafferty?

When I met Evan while washing dishes, there was a cook named Brian McCafferty. He showed me things like DIY music and stuff because I didn’t really know much about it but was already writing music. Brian showed me bands like Two Hand Fools and Heart Attack Man, who were actually at the show [October 12].

How has your music evolved since you first started?

Our old music is fucking horrible. I jumped right into writing music. I never covered music by any other artists or learned other people’s parts. I started as a very basic level musician and then slowly progressed into the artist I am today. The new album is going to be very very very cool.

How do you go about the songwriting process?

I usually write the base tracks and then I will bring them to Evan, Wes and Chris and we’ll meet and fiddle around and shape everything. Evan is very good with structuring the extra parts, he shapes the majority of the songs. I mean Wes and Chris are amazing too but, they suck. Just kidding!

What song means the most to you that you have created?

It’s a new song from the album that is not out yet. It’s a surprise, I can’t even say what it’s called but it’s about a lot of things that are relevant to my life right now.

What’s the craziest thing to happen while on tour?

The window dude. I punched it out. I went to punch a fly when we were in the parking lot of a liquor store and I punched out our front passenger window on accident. My hand went through the window and it shattered. We had to like tape it up and stuff. It was crazy! This happened on our last date of the Moose Blood tour.

It was funny because everyone was telling us to watch our van because we were in a bad part of St. Louis, we were freaking out. We tried to tape a bag to the window then we go on the highway and the bag instantly rips off. I remember I was really tired so I was sleeping in the back while everyone went on a plexiglass adventure. And I remember hearing Wes putting in the plexiglass. Wes was talking about how that fly has caused more damage in its lifetime than every other fly on the face of Earth.

What do you enjoy most about your live shows that you believe others should see?

I like how goofy we are, I like to be goofy. I like to dress up and stuff, it’s fun. So we do that every once in a while. I like to mess with everyone and like, I’ll mess with the crowd and stuff too. We have something new that we are bringing on the Heart Attack Man tour. A new addition, it’s pretty funny.

Make sure to give McCafferty’s latest EP, “Thanks. Sorry. Sure.” a listen to experience McCafferty’s unique music experience:

Header Photo by: Marie Adams

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