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Written by on November 14, 2017

If you’re a fan of classic rock, blues, punk, alternative, etc., it’s time to tune into Frank Iero’s solo project, “Frank Iero And The Patience.”

Frank Iero is a phenomenal vocalist and guitarist who has performed with acts such as Death Spells, My Chemical Romance and Pencey Prep. Iero teamed up with Evan Nestor (Guitar/Vocals) and Matt Olsson (Drums/Vocals) and recorded their debut album “Stomachaches” in 2014 under the band name “frnkiero and the cellebration.” (Fun Fact: The album title was inspired by Frank’s chronic abdominal pains.) Their sophomore album “Parachutes” proved to be even more successful with singles like “Oceans” and “Remedy” released in 2016.

Frank Iero And The Patience are now back with their 2017 EP “Keep The Coffins Coming” featuring four punk tracks: “I’m A Mess”, “BFF”, “No Fun Club” and “You Are My Sunshine”. In an interview, Iero noted that this EP has a sound unlike other artists. He was influenced by his grandfather who was a drummer and often played old blues and classic rock records from acclaimed artists like B.B. King and The Rolling Stones. Ultimately, he discovered punk rock and fell into, what he describes as, “my generation’s music.” “My writing is an amalgamation of all of those genres.”

“Keep The Coffins Coming” has an even deeper family connection for Iero. His favorite track “BFF” was written in part by his daughter. He said: “She wrote the song as a way to taunt her brother and sister. It was cute though.” Iero pointed out that this solo project could not have been possible without the help of his spouse. “My wife brought me to do it,” he said. She knew he would regret it later if he did not take the opportunity to create solo work.

While all of Iero’s musical endeavors have exemplified his range of talents, this one was different because he was able to make most of the decisions for himself and the group. Compared to group projects, solo projects “can be lonely, but the payoff is a confidence booster,” he noted. For Frank Iero, the best part of his recent work has been watching his visions come to life!

Frank Iero And The Patience are heading out on tour starting Nov. 17 with “Descendents” with their first show being at Cleveland’s very own House of Blues. Iero is huge fan of the band and even saw them when he was in high school. He is an even bigger fan of the city and stated, “We always have amazing shows in Cleveland.” Before heading out on tour, Iero must have his “Throat Coat” and, of course, pictures of his family. The tour will end in Sayreville, NJ on Dec. 30, otherwise known as the Iero’s hometown.

Check out “Frank And The Patience” on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming services!

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